3 Minutes to Introduce You to Portable Power Station(II)

Energizer SOLAR GENARATOR This advantage gives LFP a perfect choice to build into Energizer Portable Power Station and use Energizer as a backup device.

Product features

  • Easy to carry

Most portable power stations are not only light in weight and small in size, but also have their handles. They can be portable and go on the go.

  • Long life and strong endurance

The portable power station has a built-in high polymer lithium-ion battery, equipped with an advanced battery management system and fireproof materials to ensure the long life of the battery and the safety of the use process; At the same time, the battery has a large capacity and strong power, which can provide powerful support for multiple electric types of equipment at the same time, to achieve long-term endurance.

  • Rich interfaces and strong compatibility

It has a variety of interfaces, including AC, USB, type-C, car charging, and other interface outputs, which is convenient for users to use in different scenarios and has more options.

  • Intelligent digital display screen

Equipped with the intelligent digital display screen, the functions of power display, output function, temperature alarm, overload prompt, etc. are clear at a glance.

  • LED lighting mode

High power LED lighting function, with two modes of lighting /sos. Strong spotlight, high brightness, and Sustainable Lighting for more than 167 hours.

  • Multiple security protection

The independent overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, overload, overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, and other multiple protection of the battery pack can not only carry out real-time dynamic detection and charge and discharge management but also ensure the safety and stability of the operation of the whole battery pack.

Main purpose

A portable power station is mainly used for a mobile office, outdoor leisure, outdoor operation, emergency rescue, etc.

  1. As an uninterruptible power supply for outdoor office use, it can link mobile phones, tablet computers, notebooks, and other digital devices;
  2. Outdoor photography, outdoor power for cross-country enthusiasts, outdoor power for leisure and entertainment;
  3. Electricity for outdoor lighting;
  4. Emergency power supply for mines, oil fields, geological exploration, and geological disaster rescue;
  5. Emergency power for field maintenance of telecommunication department;
  6. Emergency power supply for medical equipment, small and micro first aid instruments;
  7. Increase the endurance of UAV during outdoor operation and improve the efficiency of UAV outdoor operation;
  8. Vehicle emergency start.

Applicable equipment

  • 12V cigarette lighter port: vehicle charging.
  • DC 12v/24v port: UAV, vehicle-mounted products, POS machine, notebook computer, mobile hard disk box, projector, electronic refrigerator, digital photo frame, portable DVD, printer, and other equipment.
  • USB/type-c port: smartphone, tablet computer, smart watch, digital camera, projector, e-reader, etc.
  • AC port: camping lamp, small rice cooker, small hot water kettle, small desk lamp, fan, juice dispenser, and other small power appliances.

Charging mode

The charging methods of such products in the market mainly include AC charging, solar charging, car charging, and type-C charging.

Solar charging

Outdoor power supply and portable solar panels are used together. As long as there is sunlight, solar energy can be used for charging. A 400W solar panel can fully charge the outdoor power supply within 4 hours, providing a steady flow of electric energy for various electrical appliances. In addition, most outdoor power supplies use universal input interfaces, which can be compatible with a variety of solar panels on the market. Of course, some products on the market also support the simultaneous connection and charging of multiple solar panels. Some can support up to six 110W solar panels for charging at the same time, so that small partner can still enjoy an efficient charging experience outdoors.

AC charging

In any place with AC power, it can be charged through an AC interface. For similar products of the same capacity level on the market, the charging time is 6-12 hours.

Car charging

Driving users can charge through the car charging port. However, compared with AC charging, the car charging is slow. It usually takes about 10 hours to fully charge.

Type-C charging

If the product has a type-C input port, it can be changed through this interface.