3 Minutes to Introduce You to Portable Power Station(I)

In this health-oriented era, outdoor sports have been integrated into our lives, which is an irresistible demand of people after the improvement of material living standards, and also the most healthy way of life. For those who are engaged in outdoor work, and love self-driving and outdoor sports, the outdoor power shortage is an urgent problem to be solved.

Because of the enrichment of outdoor forms, it is not only the power consumption of conventional equipment such as electronic digital products, but also the onboard products and low-power household appliances used as self-driving tours are gradually applied to the outdoor, and these devices have uneven interfaces and short endurance time; Of course, there is also the emergency power in natural disasters. Previously, a single small capacity power supply could not provide a powerful guarantee for them, which requires a more powerful multi-functional power supply to solve.

Therefore, the portable power station is also developed with the popularity of outdoor sports and the rapid growth of outdoor equipment. Its main purpose is to provide a charging function for digital and vehicle products and small power household appliances anytime and anywhere.


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Energizer PPS700

Application area

Portable power stations can be expanded in a wide range of fields. They are not only used in families, but also many fields, such as offices, enterprises, theatres, photography, travel, fire protection, medical treatment, rescue, RV, yachts, communications, exploration, construction, camping, mountaineering, troops, military, school laboratories, satellite research institutes, telecommunications base stations, and so on. They may become potential consumer groups and fields of this product in the future.

Cell type

Lithium ion battery

Product features

  • AC output

The biggest advantage of the portable power station is that it has an AC output function. It can be used for power supply and use of any equipment that needs to be plugged into the power socket, as long as it does not exceed the maximum output power of the power supply itself. Generally, the outdoor power supply is 220v/50hz or 110v/60hz sine wave AC.

  • Alternating current

Sinusoidal alternating current means that the current, voltage, and potential in the circuit change with time according to the sinusoidal function law. The current whose size and direction change periodically with time is called alternating current, which is called alternating current for short.

AC can not only change the voltage through the transformer but also reduce the line loss by increasing the voltage in long-distance transmission; At the same time, the high voltage can be changed into low voltage through the step-down transformer, which is not only conducive to safety but also reduces the insulation requirements of the equipment. Of course, when DC power is needed in some places, AC power can be converted into DC power through rectifier equipment, so AC power has been widely used.

  • Wide range of applications

AC output is widely used in daily life. Lighting is the most basic, and other loads can be used, such as various small electrical appliances. The battery of cars is also converted by it. At the same time, it can be used in the fields of telecommunication network installation and maintenance optimization, information company, geographic surveying and mapping team, absentee oil exploration team, architectural design survey, water conservancy, and water affairs detection, forestry, agriculture, and wild resources investigation, field investigation, outdoor photography, travel and leisure, automobile, ship, etc. it can also be used for AC power supply.

However, in a wide range of applications, we cannot directly apply AC, which requires voltage stabilization and filtering. For example, for the power supply of various small household appliances, if AC is directly introduced, the pulsating current will instantly burn the appliance, which requires us to know the voltage and current values required by the appliance and to adapt the appliance to work through voltage transformation.