Portable Charging Station Guide - How to Charge?

Nowadays, inverter portable power station has become a standard configuration for outdoor camping. It can supply power for mobile phones, computers, rice cookers, and other appliances outdoors, so it is favored by everyone. Received your first inverter portable power station. Do you know how to use them?


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Novice questions, how to charge and discharge when buying an inverter portable power station for the first time?

After you receive the inverter portable power station, you will see that there is residual power after you turn it on. If the residual power exceeds 90%, you can directly supply power at this time. If there is less residual power, you can choose the matching original charger, solar panel, and car charging head to recharge before use! There will be a corresponding data prompt on the display during charging! Such as charging power, battery percentage, etc!

How to charge the inverter portable power station in daily use?

Portable charging stations should be charged as soon as they are used. When the power is about 10%, they should be charged in time. Although the top-rated portable power station generally has a built-in BMS protection system to prevent the power supply from over-discharging, timely charging will make the lithium battery better maintain the circulating state.

Will it damage the service life of a top-rated portable power station when charging?

First of all, it is clear to everyone that the top-rated portable power station must meet the conditions of "charging power > output power" while charging. We all know that the core of a top-rated portable power station is a lithium battery, which has a certain cycle life. When the number of cycles exceeds the theoretical value, the capacity will still be about 80% of the initial capacity. Lithium batteries have no memory effect. Only after a complete charge and discharge, can a cycle be calculated. Therefore, when charging and using, repeated cycles are not calculated, and the first use condition must be met!

High-frequency use of 2000 watt portable power stations to accelerate scrapping?

We all know that each 2000 watt portable power station has its number of cycles. Exceeding the number of cycles does not mean that the 2000 watt portable power station will be scrapped, but the capacity will be low to about 80% of the original. At present, many outdoor power supplies have a lot of cycles.

If it is not used for a long time, how to charge and maintain it?

Portable charging stations, like lithium batteries for mobile phones, cameras, laptops, and other products, don't like being too full or hungry. Therefore, when the 2000 watt portable power station is not stored for a long time, it should be checked regularly for 3 months as a cycle, and the power should be replenished to more than 50%.

Usage scenario of 2000 watt portable power station?

When shooting outdoors, the high-power fill light cannot be connected to the power supply; In order to prevent the camera, monitor, and microphone from running out of power, you need to carry many different kinds of backup batteries with you.

Long-distance self-drive tour.

For short-distance self-driving tours and camping, when camping in the wild, when cooking with self-contained ingredients, power the kitchen appliances.

In case of sudden power failure at home, it acts as an emergency power supply to ensure temporary power consumption.

At the critical moment, it is used as the emergency power supply of the car to supplement the power of the car.

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