How Long Does An Outdoor Power Station Last?

As the pace of life is getting faster and faster and the pressure of life is getting bigger and bigger, people living in cities hope to return to nature to release the pressure every time they have a rest. More and more people play outdoors naturally, have picnics, and go on self-driving trips. So portable and convenient, powerful, complete interface outdoor power station is naturally loved by everyone. Outdoor power station brings a lot of convenience to our life, then do you know how long an outdoor power station will last?

How long does an outdoor power station last?


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As people drive with more and more electronic devices, the importance of outdoor power is increasingly prominent. After all, we can't live without all kinds of electronic devices, so "electric freedom" is very important if we want to enjoy a quality life outdoors. A lot of people have no idea how long an outdoor power station can be used, so today we will give you the knowledge of outdoor power stations.

The outdoor power station is mainly concerned with two points:

One is battery capacity and one is power.

The battery is at the heart of these power-station devices. Wh is a unit of energy, which is how much charge the battery can hold or release. The greater the power of an outdoor powstationsion, it can meet the demand of more high-power equipment, the more electronic equipment can station power, and the more outdoor activities.

The capacity of the battery determines how long it can last and provide power. Take an outdoor power station of 500W to 600W and outdoor power station with battery capacity of 500Wh to 600Wh as an example. Generally, the greater the power of the power station, the greater the capacity. The power station duration is as follows:

Buying a 500W power source: A 100W device can charge for around 4-5 hours, while a 300W device like a rice cooker can charge for around 1.7 hours, and your phone can be charged over 30 times.

A 600W power source: a 100W device gets around 7-8 hours of power, and a 300W device gets around 2-3 hours of power, costing the phone to charge over 60 times.

Buy a 1800W power bill: a 100W device can charge itself for around 15 hours, while a 300W device can charge itself for 5-6 hours, and the phone can be charged 100-150 times.

So, how does an outdoor power source charge?

At present, most outdoor power sources in the market have three ways: solar power charging, AC AC charging (municipal power), and car charging. Of course, in addition to these three kinds of the outdoor power station, there is another kind of type-C charging, whose Type-C port is bidirectional input and output.

The choice of charger needs to consider the model, input parameters, battery type, shell material and other factors, such as shell material ABS plastic, plastic, metal, plastic, PVC, etc. Input parameters are 220V, 48V, 36V, 60V, etc. Battery types include lithium battery, lithium-ion battery, nickel-metal hydride battery, lead-acid battery, rechargeable lithium battery, and so on.


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