Is Portable Charging Station Stupid Tax?

Electricity demand is a proposition that modern humans cannot avoid. In outdoor activities, the experience difference between having electricity and not having electricity is huge!

The portable charging station is one of the necessary options for us to upgrade our experience in outdoor activities, and are commonly used charging bank that can only be used to charge portable devices, and its capacity is limited, which cannot be applied to most scenes.

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With a portable charging station, you can:

Show your cooking skills heartily

Most small power household appliances, such as rice cookers, Juicers, hot water kettles, and cooking pots, not only make your cooking more exquisite, but also perfectly solve the problem that some campsites cannot use open fire, and even connect an oven is not impossible.

More entertainment

Outdoor movies are a must for many campers. Naturally, there is also a spin power charging station. At the same time, charging notebooks, mobile phones, drones and so on is not a problem, enough for you to turn the camp into an outdoor game hall.

More comfortable experience

In summer, fans, refrigerators, electric mosquito repellent incense, and winter, electric blankets are wrapped. As soon as these items are put out, few campers can't help admiring them.


It is said that lights are the soul of overnight camping. When there is no power supply in the camp, the spin power charging station has become the top priority equipment, supporting all lighting systems to meet basic needs. At the same time, the atmosphere is explosive!

Emergency hedging

In addition to the above conventional scenes, the most attractive thing for me is that I can give the car a lift! And it can operate most emergency rescue equipment.

Do you have all the above needs?

If you just want to find a place to stay in a daze, just bring a mobile phone and add a Bluetooth stereo at most, then a high-capacity power bank is enough.

When you want to try the glamping style or go to a wild camp for the night, a fast-charging portable power station is still very necessary, which can provide you with more fun and security.

At present, there are many kinds of portable charging stations on the market. How to find one that suits you?

We mainly look at the following parameters:


Each kind of electrical appliance requires different power. If the power of the outdoor power supply is 1000W (watt), it can only support electrical appliances with power below 1000W (watt). The actual use may have a deviation of about 10%, which is a normal phenomenon.

If it exceeds, there will be two situations, one is power-off protection, and the other is frequency reduction. Either way, it is unsafe behavior, and we should pay attention to power safety.


The common unit of capacity of fast charging portable power station is watt-hour (Wh), 1000Wh is 1 kWh, which also represents an electrical appliance with 1000W power, which can be used continuously for 1 hour.

For example, a 1000Wh fast-charging portable power station can approximately:

Charge iphone13 continuously for 37 hours;

Charge the UAV continuously for 14 hours;

Use the electric fan continuously for 20 hours;

Continuous use of Mac Book Pro 16 for 7 hours.

As you can see, the main thing to do here is division. As long as you divide the total watt-hour of the outdoor power supply by the watt number of the appliance, you can get the service time of the appliance. Of course, if several electrical appliances are used at the same time, it involves more complex calculations.


The port is our common charger socket. Generally, 220V AC and USB-a are standard configurations, and then the upgrading is car charging, type-C, 12V/24V DC, etc.

Before purchasing, you must confirm the socket of the electronic equipment you are going to carry and whether the purchased product supports the socket, to avoid the embarrassment of being unable to use it. For example, some outdoor power supplies with early production dates may not have type-c.

Charging mode

We should also consider how to charge the best power station portable. The general charging methods are municipal power (common socket), solar charging, vehicle charging, and type-C charging. Municipal power and vehicle charging generally need to be charged for 7 or 8 hours. Solar charging in strong light, at least 11 hours.

Solar charging is indeed an artifact when we go to wild campsites and stay for a long time. If we just go to parks or electric campsites in the suburbs, it is unnecessary.


Anyone who has tried miscellaneous electrical appliances knows that whether in terms of quality or safety, big brands are more fragrant.

A sine wave or correction wave?

Remember: give priority to a sine wave.

The output of the correction wave is unstable, which is easy to interfere with the operation of electrical appliances, but it is cheap.