Guide to Correct Use of Outdoor Power Station

The outdoor power station has only been available for two or three years, but it has provided an irresistible outdoor power solution for outdoor power consumption in daily life and outdoor work. Whether it is aerial photography, surveying and mapping exploration, mobile medical treatment, self-driving travel, picnic camping, entertainment life, all walks of life are empowered by outdoor power sources to enjoy a safer, more portable, efficient and environmentally friendly electricity experience.

But most people still have the following doubts?


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How does the power station work when charging and using?

This problem requires two situations:

  • If the output power is less than the input power, there is no need to draw power from the battery, then the device can be powered directly and the battery can be supplemented with excess power.
  • If the output power is greater than the input power, you need to take power from the battery, the battery is not charged, and it needs to consume power, and the more you charge, the less you will be.

Does charging while using affect the life of the power station?

If the output power is greater than the input power, it is necessary to draw power from the battery. This situation is equivalent to directly using the outdoor power station, which will naturally increase the number of cycles of the battery, which will affect the lifespan.

Of course, what really affects the life of the power station is not using while charging, but temperature. The ideal charging temperature of outdoor power station is 0-40 ℃, charging under high temperature conditions will affect the life of the power station.

In addition, the power station will generate heat when charging, and we will also generate heat when using electrical appliances. If the temperature generated by both working at the same time is high, it is recommended not to use it while charging.

Will the number of cycles be counted while charging and using?

Generally, the number of cycles of charging and discharging lithium batteries is about 500 times, and the same is true for outdoor power station. A complete charge and discharge (full use up), for a cycle! So you don't have to worry that charging and using will increase the number of cycles of the power station.

Do I need to empty and recharge the newly purchased power station?

In fact, lithium batteries do not have a "memory effect", so there is no reason to buy a newly purchased outdoor power station. On the contrary, the lithium battery is afraid of deep charging and deep discharging, and it will affect the life of the power station every time the power station is used up before charging.

Usually, it is recommended to charge it to 90%, and it is best to charge and discharge frequently: for example, if there is 20% left, 30% can be charged.

What is the best storage environment for outdoor power station?

Although lithium batteries have good high and low temperature resistance, they are not recommended for use in extreme environments.

For long-term storage, it is recommended that the temperature be (0-40°C) in a dry and cool environment. Avoid humidity and high temperature, and keep away from fire.