Must-Have Power Stations for Camping Enthusiasts

Under the epidemic, inter-provincial and inter-city travel is restricted, and camping to embrace the "poetry and distance" at home has become the choice of many people. According to statistics, in the past May Day holiday, the popularity of camping set a new record. In campsites, rivers and lakes, and parks in many parts of the country, all kinds of tents are "blooming everywhere" and campsites are even hard to find. In the upcoming holiday, most of the RVs in some camping camps have been booked. It can be said that every holiday, there will be a camping fever, and the heat will continue to rise.


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What is outdoor power station?

Outdoor power station, also known as outdoor mobile power station, has a convenient energy storage power station that stores electrical energy. The main features are that it has large capacity, high power, and many interfaces. It can not only meet the basic electricity needs of lighting, fans, computers, mobile phones, etc., but also drive high-power household appliances such as mobile air conditioners, car refrigerators, and rice cookers. 

Next, let's compare the outdoor power station with the "charging treasure" we know more about, so that everyone can understand the outdoor power station more intuitively:

Capacity: The capacity unit of outdoor power station is Wh (watt-hour). We should all have learned physics and should know that 1kwh=1 kilowatt-hour of electricity. We should also know what to do with 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity. Outdoor power station can generally store 0.5-4kwh. The unit of power bank is mAh (milliamp-hour), which is generally referred to as mAh. At present, even if the power bank is very large, it is only tens of thousands of mAh, which can meet the charging of general mobile phones and other devices about 3 to 4 times. Although the data cannot be directly compared between the two, the outdoor power station is much larger in capacity than the charging treasure!

Power: Outdoor power supplies generally support power output of more than 200 watts or even up to 3000 watts, while power banks are generally a few watts to tens of watts. Current: The outdoor power station supports AC alternating current and DC direct current, and the power bank only supports DC direct current. Interface: Outdoor power station supports AC, DC, car charger, USB-A, Type-C, power bank only supports USB-A, Type-C.

How to choose outdoor power station?

Power: The greater the power, the more electronic devices can be powered, and the richer the content of outdoor activities. If you want to blow air conditioners and eat hot pot in outdoor camping, you need to focus on the rated power. The rated power represents the continuous and stable output capability of the power station.

Capacity: The unit of outdoor power station is Wh (watt-hour), which is the unit of power consumption, indicating how much work the battery can do. Let's take the actual use scenario as an example: general lighting bulbs have wattage. Let's take a 100W LED lamp as an example, an outdoor power station with a capacity of 1000wh, which can theoretically make this LED bulb light up. Bright for 10 hours! So Wh (watt-hour) can better express the capacity of the outdoor power station. When purchasing an outdoor power station, you should pay more attention to Wh (watt-hour). The larger the value, the longer the power station time.

Charging method: At present, the mainstream charging methods are city power charging, car charging, and solar energy. In addition to the mains interface, which is a basic accessory, other charging methods may require the purchase of corresponding charging accessories. If you stay outdoors for a long time, it is necessary to support the solar panel charging interface.

Output interface: USB-A, Type-C, and AC output and DC interface are usually necessary. USB-A port to support mobile devices. Type-C supports PD fast charging protocol devices such as mobile phones and notebooks to improve the charging efficiency of mobile devices. The AC interface provides AC 220V voltage and supports most electronic devices such as sockets. The DC interface can provide car charger power station or other devices that support 12V power station.

Volume and weight: Whether it is a power bank or an outdoor power station, it is generally made of lithium batteries. Outdoor power station requires higher power and larger capacity, which requires more lithium batteries to be combined in series. This increases the volume and weight of the outdoor power station. When choosing an outdoor mobile power station, you can choose an outdoor power station product with the same capacity and smaller weight and volume.


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