The best cheap generator for you

In a world where everything is connected, power outages are a real problem. They can keep you from working, force you to endure the winter cold, and even put your health at risk if you rely on something like a CPAP ventilator. For people facing extreme weather conditions or certain health conditions, even a one-hour power outage is unacceptable. In these situations, the best option is a backup generator, and a generator can be the perfect solution to keep you safe and connected in an emergency.

best cheap generator

You may think of a generator as a very loud pneumatic machine. But newer generators can be quieter and more versatile than their predecessors, such as the Energizer PPS2000, which, with its 2.15 kWh capacity and 4.2 kW of peak power, can restore almost an entire home from a power outage.

pto generator

The Energizer is also quite economical, basically 2.15 kWh of peak capacity for the price of 1 kWh. Typically, if you want to the best cheap generator without sacrificing quality (and safety), you'll have to settle for less power. But for $1499, the Energizer PPS2000 2100W is more than enough power to run valuable appliances. The Energizer PPS2000 is definitely one of the best 1000W power station to 2000W power station devices available.