Myth About Solar Panels and Portable Solar Generator
Ready for your winter break? You might consider camping outdoor like it used to be. As an outdoor lovers, then you will consider that one of the most important thing to consider is how to provide power for your activity. Traditionally for many years, fuel generators have been the preferred choice for outdoor activities. However, fuel power pack is simply too noisy, produce harmful emissions and carbon dioxide, the main contributor to the greenhouse effect, are not cost-effective to rent and take up space. So now that's why solar powerstation and folding solar panels are quickly becoming the first choice for outdoor activities.
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Every region is vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. The weather in many areas is changeable from hot in the south to cold in the north. The ability of solar panels to withstand these extreme weather changes. There are many misunderstandings about folding solar panels and portable solar generators. Here are four common myths about solar panels.
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Myth1: Solar panels don't work properly in cold weather. In fact, the module gets its energy from light, not heat. So the cold weather has nothing to do with it not working properly. Solar panels and solar power generators portable work better in cold weather. It prevents them from getting hotter and absorbing less energy from the sun.
Myth2: Solar panels will destroy my roofIt's legitimate to worry about whether solar panels affect the roof. But you don't need to. If the installation personnel follow the manufacturer's instructions. So, there is no need to worry about.
Myth3: Solar panels require constant maintenanceThis is one of the biggest fallacies of solar power. Solar panels are designed to be durable. It requires almost no maintenance. You may have an annual inspection, but otherwise, properly installed solar panels require little maintenance.
Myth4: Solar panels don't last very long. These panels can actually withstand severe weather conditions and last for decades.  Of course, these are not the only misunderstanding of solar panels, but we want to correct some of the common misconceptions. From what has been discussed above, we hope that you remember two things: 1) When the sun shines goes well, solar panels can produce clean energy 2) Solar panels can withstand harsh weather conditions.