How to Build Your First Solar System
With the rapid economic development, the energy shortage is getting worse. Facing the dual pressure of energy demand and environmental protection, countries around the world have adopted strategies such as increasing energy utilization rate, improving energy structure and developing renewable energy. Due to the relatively simple acquisition of solar energy, access to a large range, pollution-free, no noise. Therefore, according to the current industrial level and market feedback demand, photovoltaic solar energy as a solution to deal with the energy crisis. Typically, the traditional solar power generation by photovoltaic solar panels as the receiving source, through the solar controller can be directly converted to direct current output. If an inverter is added, AC output can be achieved. This approach seems perfect, but solar has a huge drawback: its output is erratic. Its output power is uncontrollable due to drastic changes in light intensity, temperature and other environmental factors. Therefore, an energy storage power supply is needed as a medium to store the electricity generated by solar energy and continuously and stably output electric energy. These devices add up to a Solar System. How can a family build its first Solar System?
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How to select the entry level Solar System with high cost performance
For hardcore solar generator users, everyone likely has their own tricks. But for beginners, the choice of starting out directly affects the experience right away. First of all, our core concept is its cost-effective. The meaning of high cost performance is the comparison of price and material. Second is the safety, some batteries or solar panels may cause some safety problems, the product damage, the serious may cause casualties. To sum up, choosing a brand is especially crucial. So I recommend the Energizer portable power station. The use of the current cost-effective and high safety integrated energy storage power supply, vehicle grade power supply loaded with LiFePO4, and mature technology of the battery management system can prevent over-charging, over-discharge, overload, and over-temperature. PPS320 as your primary power supply, it can meet your outdoor and emergency portable power supply, only weights for 9 lb, but it can support 320Wh capacity, and 300W power. If you want to take it to the next level, PPS2000 can also be used as your intermediate Solar System with LiFePO4 battery cells. It generates 2150Wh capacity, and 2100W power. In addition, the Energizer portable power station also boasts a built-in MPPT controller, and you only need solar panels to complete your layout. If you're still confused about choosing a solar panel, we recommend the POWERWIN PWS110 110W Foldable Solar Panel. It uses A-grade monocrystalline silicon material with ETFE outer layer membrane, and it supports series and parallel connections. With PPS2000, it supports up to 900W of solar input. Build your own solar system, Power win, power to win.
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