Each of our portable power station has a mounted in pure sine wave inverter. If the load you pass through your solar generator is too large for the rated output power, your inverter will automatically shut off power for safety reasons. For an instance, if you connect a 400W power tool to your 300W solar generator, the machine will load on an alarm for 15 seconds, then shut off automatically. To avoid this situation happens, you need to carefully match your energy needs with the rated output power of your Energizer solar generator. Which is why all of our solar generators are labeled with their total power output and watt hour storage capacity. Please check. To sums up, not all electrical appliances adapt to PPS320. Even though the peak power of PPS320 can reach 600W, it will still be stopped because of overload. For more stability of electricity usage, we recommend charging any device that has power under 300W.
Energizer PPS320 over-voltage protect
Every solar generator comes with a battery. It is essentially the core behind the technology and without it, your solar generator would not be able to store electricity for future use. Of course, the type of battery that comes with your generator varies depending on your choice. Energizer only uses the latest Lithium ion battery technology, which is most well known for its great performance of life span. Energizer portable power stations do have charge controllers that there are two main functions: regulating the power output of your solar panel and properly charging the battery. Energizer uses MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) which is a more efficient charge controller in their products.
An inverter converts direct current (DC) electrical energy to alternating current (AC) electrical energy. You need an inverter because your solar cells will store DC and most of the appliances around your home, van, cabin or boat need AC power to operate. You have several choices when deciding on an inverter, the two most popular are pure sine wave and modified wave inverters. Energizer uses pure sine wave inverters in their solar generators. Sine wave inverters, like the pure sine wave inverters we use in solar generators, work in 3 stages: oscillation, boost and conversion, converting the DC power from the batteries into AC power, amplifying the voltage, then making it more stable.
Hope this will help you that which technique we have chosen for customers. Energizer insists on using the most core and cost effective technology to serve its customers.