Precautions for Solar Panels

What is the photovoltaic effect and how does solar energy generate electricity?

When light shines on the semiconductor PN junction, the semiconductor PN junction absorbs light energy and generates electromotive force at both ends. This phenomenon is called the photovoltaic effect. Due to the strong built-in electric field in the depletion region of the PN junction, the electrons and holes generated in the depletion region move in the opposite direction and leave the depletion region under the action of the built-in electrostatic field. As a result, the potential in the p region increases, the potential in the N region decreases, and the photogenerated electromotive force is formed at both ends of the PN junction, which is the photovoltaic effect of the PN junction.

The service life of energizer solar panels?

The service life of suitcase solar panels is determined by the material. The service life of silicon suitcase solar panels is generally 15-25 years, but with the impact of the environment, the materials of suitcase solar panels will age with time. Generally, the power will be reduced by 30% after 20 years and 70% after 25 years.

Can energizer solar panels work without batteries?

Solar panels are just devices that convert light energy into electricity, and cannot store electricity. When the light is strong, it can produce high electromotive force; When the light is weak, only a low electromotive force can be generated. The output voltage is very unstable and cannot normally supply power to electrical equipment. Through the voltage conversion module, the unstable voltage generated by the solar power panel is converted into a voltage suitable for charging the battery to charge the battery. The electric equipment obtains a relatively stable power supply voltage from the battery.

When solar energy charges the battery, can it supply power to the equipment at the same time?

In this case, the power used by the load will preferentially use the power of the solar cell directly, and the rest will be charged into the battery; On the contrary, if the power of the solar cell is insufficient, it will take electricity from the battery at the same time.

What is the difference between using solar cells in different places?

The efficiency of solar photovoltaic power generation is affected by solar radiation. In areas with high latitudes, the smaller the altitude angle of the sun will be, the weaker the solar radiation intensity will be; In low latitude areas, the higher the solar altitude angle will be, so the solar radiation intensity will be stronger. Therefore, in low latitude areas, the efficiency of solar power generation will be higher.

The higher the altitude, the thinner the air, the higher the atmospheric transparency, and the stronger the radiation of sunlight on the ground. Therefore, the higher the altitude, the greater the solar radiation energy, which is more suitable for solar photovoltaic power generation.

Sunshine hours are also an important factor affecting ground solar energy. Generally, the total solar radiation obtained by the ground is more when the sunshine time is long.

Solar outdoor equipment?

Solar outdoor equipment usually adopts monocrystalline silicon tower win solar panels, which are foldable and convenient to carry; But the price is more expensive. A 110W Powerwins solar panel is about the price of 2-3 high-capacity rechargeables.

Can energizer solar panels use indoor light to generate electricity?

Amorphous silicon solar cells can generate electricity under indoor lighting, but the power generation is much weaker than the standard conditions. It is generally used for small electronic products used indoors or in environments with low light intensity, such as calculators, electronic watches, wavers, electronic weight meters, electronic speedometers, car burglars, etc.

How do distinguish monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and amorphous silicon battery?

From the appearance, the four corners of the monocrystalline silicon battery are arc-shaped, and the surface has no pattern; The four corners of polysilicon cells are square, and the surface has patterns similar to ice flowers; The amorphous silicon battery is what we usually call the thin-film module. Unlike the crystalline silicon battery, it can see the grid line, and the surface is as clear and smooth as a mirror.