Power Delivery Charging

How long does it take to charge your devices with Energizer PPS320 portable power station?

When using a device with battery inside, we need to charge it when the battery run out of power. How fast it charges it depends on the charger itself. PD charger or usually USB -C PD charger can provide three basic things we seek from a charger which are safe charging, universal compatibility, and faster charging.

Principle of USB-PD Protocol

Safe Charging (with LiFePO4 Battery Management System)

PD Charger has ability to communicate with device when charging. This will help the charger to adjust voltage and current that needs by the battery to charge and prevent excessive power send to device more that it needs. Protecting your device from too much current or voltage will extend the lifetime of the battery. No need to afraid over charge when you left it all night, plug to a PD charger.

Universal Compatibility

Carry too many chargers when traveling? PD charger will ease you pain. Each device we have will have different need of power. Smartphones usually need lower power when comparing to Laptops. Different smartphone also has wide variety of battery. PD Charger can charge all this device because the adjustable Voltage and Current. A 100-Watt PD Charger can charge you smartphone that only needs 20 watt, when you charge a laptop, PD charger will adjust the output to 100 watt. Different brands of smartphones that required specific charger because the technology often proprietary. It is only work with charger that specific build to work with the device. PD Charger is a universal charger that fits will wide variety of device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, and a Nintendo Switch.

Faster Charging

Shorter time that needed to fully charge a battery often related to how much current that can be push into the device’s battery.  PD Charge has that capability to maximize the current that can be received by different kind of batteries. A 100W PD Charger can provide voltage ranging from 5V until 20V and max current up to 5A.

Energizer has a build in USB C Power Delivery charger for all type of Portable Power Station. You can charge all your devices without worries, just plug to the USB C PD port.  Safer for your devices, fit for all and faster charging.