LiFePO4 Battery Applications

The LiFePO4 battery is a variety of advanced secondary battery industry chain development is the most mature one, but also has the most potential for an advanced energy storage battery.​ LiFePO4 battery applications are mainly mobile applications and fixed applications. Mobile applications are mainly used for electric vehicles and portable power tools, and fixed applications are mainly used for renewable energy generation, safety to the grid, grid peaking, distributed power plants and UPS power supply, and other fields.


Energizer PPS2000 Portable Power Station with LiFePO4 battery.


Mobile applications

At present, automobile exhaust emission pollution has become the number one source of pollution in cities. Vigorous development of energy-saving, environmentally friendly electric vehicles to replace traditional fuel cars has become a consensus.LiFePO4 battery has the advantages of small size, lightweight, long cycle life, etc., and can be used as an ideal power supply for electric vehicles, electric ships, and other electric vehicles. With the continuous promotion and application ofLiFePO4 batteries. Cost continues to reduce, performance continues to improve, and LiFePO4 batteries in portable power tools will also be widely used in the power supply.

Fixed applications

LiFePO4 battery has elevated operating voltage, high energy density, long cycle life, small self-discharge rate, no memory effect, and green and environmental protection. It supports step-less expansion and is suitable for large-scale electrical energy storage, and has good application prospects in the fields of renewable energy power generation, grid peaking, distributed power plants, UPS power supply, etc. 

  • Wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, and other renewable energy generation safety grid connection. The inherent characteristics of wind power generation, such as randomness, intermittency, and volatility, determine that its large-scale development will certainly have a significant impact on the safe operation of the power system. With the rapid development of the wind power industry, the grid connection of large wind farms poses a serious challenge to the operation and control of large power grids. Photovoltaic power generation is affected by ambient temperature, sunlight intensity, and weather conditions, and photovoltaic power generation shows random fluctuations. Therefore, high-capacity energy storage products have become a key factor in solving the conflict between the grid and renewable energy generation.​ The LiFePO4 energy storage system has the characteristics of fast condition conversion, flexible operation mode, high efficiency, safety, environmental protection, scalability, etc. It will effectively improve the efficiency of equipment, solve the local voltage control problem, improve the reliability of renewable energy power generation and improve power quality. So, that renewable energy becomes a continuous and stable power supply. With the continuous expansion of capacity and scale, the integration technology continues to mature, and the cost of the energy storage system will be further reduced. After long-term testing of safety and reliability, the LiFePO4 energy storage system is expected to be widely used in wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, and other renewable energy generation safety grids and improve power quality.
  • Grid peaking. The main means of power grid peaking has been pumped storage power station. As pumped storage power plants need to build two reservoirs, the geographical conditions are more restricted, not easy to build in the plains and cover an area of large, high maintenance costs. The use ofLiFePO4 energy storage system instead of the pumped storage power station, to cope with the peak load of the power grid, is not subject to geographical constraints, free site selection, less investment, less land, low maintenance costs, in the process of grid peaking will play an important role.
  • Distributed power plants. Large-scale power grids own defects, it is difficult to guarantee the quality, efficiency, safety, and reliability requirements of power supply. Important units and enterprises, often require dual power or even multiple power sources as backup and security.LiFePO4 energy storage system can reduce or avoid power outages caused by grid failures and various unexpected events, and play an important role in ensuring safe and reliable power supply to hospitals, banks, command, and control centers, data processing centers, chemical materials industry, and precision manufacturing industry.
  • UPS power supply. LiFePO4 batteries relative to lead-acid batteries, with a long cycle life, are safe and stable, green, have a small self-discharge rate, and other advantages, as the integration of technology continues to mature, the cost continues to reduce, LiFePO4 batteries in UPS power supply will be widely used.