Energizer, as a globally recognised brand in fulfilling battery needs, is contributing to helping Indonesia become emission-free by 2060. By utilising its experience in battery technology, Energizer is helping address environmental issues arising from the effects of emissions.


Indonesia is aiming to be emission-free by 2060, with the closest target being to reduce emissions by 29% by 2030. Emissions or more fully called carbon emissions come from processes that produce carbon that is released in the air and causes the greenhouse effect that causes the earth's surface temperature to rise every year.


Chandra Tandiyono, Green Energy Enthusiasm said that there is one way to reduce carbon emissions by cut down the combustion process in producing electrical energy that is used every day by everyone around the world.


"Solar panels are becoming a familiar technology now. With technological advances, they are becoming more efficient, which easily available and more economical. So, that they can be used by the general public," said Chandra Tandiyono in his statement on Tuesday.

solar charging station

This month Energizer launched a Portable Power Station with a capacity of 2150 Wh launched in the United States. Promoting LiFePO4 (LFP) battery technology that can be used for up to 10 years combined with the use of Solar Panels as a way to charge so that this solar charging station can function anywhere.


power backup


"Energiser products are also present for those who need smaller power such as the PPS320 which also uses a 3.2V 100 Ah LFP battery or the equivalent of 320 WH and can be recharged using a Solar Panel," he explained.


With its small size with dimensions of 8×5×9 in, it is equipped with a large power LED light and weighs only about 10 lb. This battery can be used to power equipment that requires AC power such as a mini rice cooker (maximum 300 watts), charging various equipment because there is 1 USB-C 100W in/ output and 1 USB-C PD 60 watts, 2 USB fast charging, car plug and 12 volt DC out.


PPS320 is also a solution for daily usage, such as when the lights go out, you still have to be productive. Mini PCs and monitors can function for 5 hours using AC output, charge laptops or turn on fans, to LED TVs safely because the inverter used produces Pure Sine Wave 50hz / 60hz which is the same as electricity generated by PLN. In recharging the battery, there is a wall charger option, and it can support 100W PD so that it can be full in less than 4 hours. Solar Panels available in the market can also be used to charge the battery within 6-7 hours depending on the sun conditions.


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