Why should We Buy a Portable Power Station?

The portable power station can meet the needs of various scenarios such as indoor standby power supply, outdoor activities, auto-driving tours, emergency rescue, etc, and ensure the normal operation of lighting, small household appliances, mobile phones, cameras, laptops, on-board electrical appliances, auto emergency start-up, medical emergency equipment, and other equipment.


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How to choose a portable power station?

When purchasing a 120V portable power station, pay attention to the following points: capacity and power of portable power station, charging method, appearance volume, weight, and safety.

Precautions for purchase:

  • Portable power station capacity power

Purchase according to the power required by the number of equipment. The following recommendations:

If it is used for outdoor activities / camping / stalling, the battery capacity is 300-1000W and the output voltage is 220V;

If it is used for a self-driving tour / RV, the battery capacity is 1000W-2000W, 2000W - 3000W (RV), and the output voltage is 220V;

If it is used for home standby energy storage power supply, the battery capacity is 300W - 1000W, and the output voltage is 220V;

If it is used for automobile emergency starting power supply, the battery capacity is 10000mAh and the output voltage is 12V;

If it is used for disaster relief, the battery capacity is 2000W-3000W and the output voltage is 220V.

  • Charging mode

There are generally three ways to charge the 120v portable power station: municipal power, car charging, and solar charging. During outdoor activities or self-driving tours, we can choose to add car charging and solar charging in addition to the main power, which can be purchased according to our own needs.

Understand the input and output interfaces of 120V portable power station: DC interface: (DC power interface, which is used for DC power output and meets the voltage requirements) DC-DC is also called DC, also known as "constant current". Its size and direction are constant. AC interface: (AC power interface, used to connect mains power.) Connect electrical equipment, such as electric cookers, electric ovens, onboard refrigerators, medical equipment, etc., to meet the needs of cooking, boiling water, cooking, work, etc.

  • Appearance volume and weight

If you are a biological expert who goes camping on foot or a mountain expedition with friends on weekends, your equipment must be very simple, because your mobile phone and GPS must be powered. It's OK for one person to say that the portability of the car portable power station is very important, and the power and volume can't be too large.

However, in the case of RV travel, because the journey is basically on the road, onboard equipment, notebooks, etc. all need electricity. It is inconvenient to charge the mains power, and it is inconvenient to charge the car. High power corresponds to a large volume. At this time, a pull rod type high-power mobile power supply is very important. It does not need to be constantly charged and can move with the campsite. So we should buy a 220V portable power station according to our actual situation.

  • Security

The safety of the 220V portable power station first lies in the battery cell of the portable power station. In other words, the cell must intelligently and stably control the mobile power supply: temperature protection, anti battery overcharge and discharge, anti-over-voltage, anti overcurrent, anti-short circuit, and other protection settings. In addition, the selection of anti-seismic and fall-resistant materials or materials that can block combustion can make the portable power station supply more safe, durable, and guaranteed in the process of use.