Why lithium phosphate batteries are trending?

What is a LifePo4 battery?

Lithium phosphate batteries are a type of lithium-ion battery. Lithium phosphate is the means used by LFP batteries in storing lithium ions. The lithium phosphate battery binge has increased over the years. The global increase in LifePo4 batteries can be traced back to their capacity, affordability, and weight. These features make them different from lead batteries. Lead batteries are heavy in construction and design and have a limited lifespan. A lithium battery is a quarter heavier than a lead battery. In terms of functionality, it can distribute high power and current-voltage without overheating.

The use in today's world is unlimited. As a result, it has become the choice of many manufacturers in laptops, watches, tablets, smartphones, and solar system designs.

Applications of LifePo4

LIFEPO4 has been adopted in various fields and areas. They include the following:

  1. Use as an energy storage bank

LIFEPO4 offers high operating voltage, no memory failure, low self-discharge rate, long cycle life, high energy density and is environmentally friendly. LiFePO4 also allows for growth and bulk energy harvesting. Energy generators can be used for emergency power systems, UPS power supplies, distributed power supplies, and system high-point shaving.

  1. Used in the industry together with new energy vehicles

Due to their safety and cheap cost, lithium phosphate batteries are commonly used in cars, buses, trucks, and other low-speed electric vehicles. However, lithium phosphate batteries still offer unparalleled advantages in industries such as passenger cars and logistic trucks. Incorporating LiFeP04 into long-duration electric vehicles may improve vehicle safety while also supporting marketability by eliminating concerns about efficiency, reliability, price, charging, and future battery difficulties for pure electric vehicles.

  1. Use in power stations

The advantages of the LifePo4 battery make it an ideal component for the specificity of camping. It has been adopted by solar system designers, mainly in portable power stations. The off-grid lifestyle requires solar radios for camping. Deep-cycle batteries, such as lithium phosphate, are used in solar systems because they do not build up after complete discharge or overcharging, as do acid pellet batteries. For this reason, the battery can also store a large amount of current up to 100Ah. Having a portable power station is essential for RV or tent camping backup power. 12V or 24 V are the most suitable for building portable power stations. The Energizer PPS2000 is a reliable name for mobile solar generators.

  1. Use in other areas

The military uses lithium phosphate batteries for low temperature, safety, and long cycle life performance with other users.