Teach You How to Choose a RV Power Station

Friends often go camping with RVs or trucks, but campsites with water and electricity piles are located in areas with a high degree of artificial development. Some peers who like hard core touring by RV are more willing to choose some dangerous areas for camping. Although this kind of natural place may be picturesque and sparsely populated, which can truly integrate with the wild environment, it also has corresponding disadvantages.

Incomplete infrastructure has caused problems such as energy shortage. As the most important energy, the water source is not difficult to obtain in the wild. However, as the energy that human beings only need after the industrial age, electricity can not be easily obtained from the wild. If there is no electric energy in the field, modern people who are highly dependent on electronic equipment will face great problems in terms of convenience and safety. No worries, Energizer PPS320 get you 4 methods for power delivery.

Advantages of RV power station:

The RV power station allows you to supply power to your equipment and some electrical appliances, even when you are away from home or when your main power supply is off-grid. These devices are also very suitable for camping or outdoor exploration. The RV power station can provide you with the power you need with a smaller ecological footprint by using solar panels.

  • The portable lithium-ion outdoor power supply is quiet in use and does not depend on gasoline. It can be charged through municipal power, car charging line, and solar panel.Clean energy, makes your future.
  • No fuel is required to operate the solar generator. It is a kind of clean and renewable energy.
  • When you need a backup system to deal with an emergency, travel, or camping, having a Energizere PPS320 solar generator can help you get rid of your dependence on fossil fuels.
  • The solar generator is light and compact, which is different from the large gas generator, and easy to store and move.
  • The maintenance cost of the solar generators is low. Save money by eliminating expensive fuel.
  • Environmental protection, 100% no emission, eliminating the existence of carbon monoxide.

Therefore, it is very important to have a portable generator. Today, we will popularize the purchase of Energizer PPS 320 solar generators for RV.

Requirements for the purchase of RV power station:

  • Lightweight, small size, low noise, easy to carry

For private camping, the RV power station should not be too heavy. The size of the RV power station should be selected according to the size of the trunk of the car. It should not be too large and must be easy to carry. If you use an RV, you must choose a generator with low noise, which will not affect your life in the RV. PPS320 weights only 4kg/ 8.8 lbs, easy to carry on and put in storage.

  • Safety and high-temperature resistance

The ventilation system of the RV power station must be good. The generator with a small side panel cannot be selected. It is extremely unsafe for this generator to generate high temperatures due to insufficient heat dissipation after running for about 1 hour. You should choose a large RV power station that does not block the air inlet, like Energizer PPS320, it contains lithium Iron Phosphate battery, resists higher temperature than other lithium-ion batteries. This generator will not produce high temperatures for a long time.

  • Practicality and sufficient power

It is very important to choose an RV power station when camping, cooking, and cooking outside. Generally, we use an induction cooker of about 2000 Watts for cooking, so we must determine whether the generator can drive the induction cooker of 2000 Watts for a long time when purchasing a generator, otherwise, the power can not be used in the field.

If an RV needs to drive the air conditioner, a generator with more than 3000 watts must be selected, because the starting power of the air conditioner = rated power *2.5 times.

So friends who have an RV should quickly check whether their vehicle has an RV power station. If not, it is recommended to configure one for use from time to time!