Self Driving Wild Camping Artifact - Portable Charging Power Station, You can Learn about it

Since this year, self-driving tours and camping have been particularly popular. Even major automobile brands have promoted the VTOL external power supply mode as an important selling point of their PHEVs, EVs, and other electric vehicles.

But most of you don't have PHEVs or ev electric vehicles in your hands, not to mention many places such as parks, where cars can't be driven to campsites.

However, there are other ways. Now you can choose a portable charging power station in 2022. To put it bluntly, the PD100w fast-charging portable power station is an outdoor power supply, a large "power bank", but it should meet the conditions of particularly large discharge and vehicle safety. Therefore, there are special requirements for the selection of a PD100w fast-charging portable power station.

How to choose the fastest charging portable power station?

First: security is the core

Almost all reliable fastest charging portable power station batteries choose lithium iron phosphate batteries. No matter how the function changes, safety always comes first in considering the product. In outdoor situations, bumps, handling, exposure to the sun, etc. will pose safety risks.

In addition, the quality of shell material and battery cells is the key. Large brand lithium iron phosphate batteries will do acupuncture experiments and have UL authoritative certification. The Acupuncture Experiment simulates the battery short-circuit scenario, verifying that even if the short-circuit does not produce hidden dangers of fire and explosion, it can prevent falling, fire prevention, and leakage.

Second: the size is appropriate, and it is more convenient to have a smartphone app

The more natural the power storage, the more expensive it will be. However, it is reminded that the larger the capacity, the better, because the fastest charging portable power station is very heavy, and portability should be considered.

After 3000 cycles of lithium iron phosphate battery, the battery health is still more than 80%, and the battery loss is lower. This is different from the traditional ternary lithium outdoor power supply with a recycling level of about 600 times on the market.

Theoretically, the service life of lithium iron phosphate can be as long as ten years based on a complete charge and discharge once a day. Moreover, some products can remotely operate devices through Bluetooth connection of mobile phones to control the charging and discharging of power supplies.

Third: the charging speed must be considered

If you drive for a long distance, you will know that you need to fully charge the PD100w fast-charging portable power station when you stay in the hotel at night. Although they all support vehicle power charging and some products also support solar charging (additional equipment is required), the car charging speed is too slow after all. In any case, the charging speed is very important when you go out.

For example, some advanced 268kW PD100W fast-charging portable power stations can charge 70% as soon as 30 minutes when charging with mains power. Support solar energy, AC, car charging, gasoline/diesel generator charging, and lead-acid battery charging. When solar energy + AC are charged at the same time, the maximum input power can reach 430W.

Treasure usage of PD100w fast-charging portable power station

The crew rushed to work and carried the burden

Due to the limited filming period, many film crews have to rush through the night. In the location with insufficient power supply, PD100w fast-charging portable power stations with large capacity, stable power supply, and flexible mobility have become the first choice of many directors.

Outdoor freelancer

In addition to film shooting, the fastest charging portable power stations can also provide a better creative environment for outdoor photographers.

For wildlife photographers, traditional diesel generators are noisy and polluting and are not the best choice for equipment power supply.

The use of the fastest charging portable power stations can not only make the shooting more stable and lasting in inaccessible protected areas but also eliminate the need to worry about noise scaring away animals and fuel pollution.