How to Extend Your Battery Life


Power stations are quite a good choice to store your power and generate power from different methods. But day after day, have you ever met the situation be like: you feel the lifespan of your battery is shortened too quickly, and it is easy to drop a lot of the state of charge, compared with brand new type. Before it is too late, hereby recommend you a few tips to extend your battery life for power stations. Before we discuss how to extend battery life, it's important that you first understand what causes the abnormal decrease in battery life. As the name suggests, lithium-ion batteries use the movement of lithium-ions between electrodes to generate electricity.


The complex electro-chemical process inside lithium battery is difficult to understand. Here is the conclusion. The attenuation of lithium battery capacity comes from the loss of electrode material and the decomposition of electrolyte. The increase of battery impedance is due to the rise of resistance during charge conduction. Damage to the battery structure results in a loss of capacity.
Lithium battery life can be divided into three concepts: one is calendar life, the other is cycle life, and the third one is in case of improper operation or accident, the battery life deteriorates rapidly in a short time. Today we are going to focus on this third category. The factors that affect battery life are described below in combination with temperature, voltage, depth of charge and discharge, and current.

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1. Temperature

High temperature, more active electrochemical reaction, the battery has better performance, such as enhanced discharge capacity, reduced internal resistance and so on. However, high temperature will aggravate the side reaction between electrolyte and positive and negative electrode materials, accelerate the consumption of electrolyte, positive and negative electrode materials and lithium ions. This loss is permanent, which will cause the attenuation of battery capacity and the rise of internal resistance. 


2. Over-voltage

Over-voltage charging is one of the main causes of abnormal decay of lithium batteries. It is not difficult to find that the 0.15V voltage difference has a significant impact on battery life. The applied voltage is too high, and will aggravate the decomposition process of the electrolyte. The electrolyte. The products also contain combustible gas, and damage the conductivity of the electrolyte, resulting in structural stability being affected. How to Avoid & Extend Battery Life. It can be said that there are many influencing factors of battery, but in the application process of new energy storage power supply, a lot of them are to solve or reduce these effects. You can choose Energizer portable power stations. Now Energizer has released out 300Wh/ 300Watt solar generators, and 2150Wh home-use power stations. They are using LiFePO4 battery, that the battery life is twice longer than NCM battery. With a battery management system, it allows devices to avoid over- charging, over- loading, over-voltage, and temperature protection. With a 12-month warranty, you do not need to worry about the battery lifespan. Power anything, power anywhere.