What's the Difference Between a Power Bank and a Power Station?

Why can the car emergency start power supply be used as a power station, but the power station cannot be used as an emergency start power supply? This is not much for battery understanding of friends, should be more confused. Let's take a brief look at the difference between the emergency power supply and the charger so that we can have a good understanding of the problem at the beginning.

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The biggest difference is the lithium battery cells been made

Car jump starter start power supply is the use of lithium battery can support large current discharge, also often said on the market high rate battery. It generally 10C~20C discharge rate, can support enough power, without damage to the internal cell structure, the battery raw material formula is different from the charge treasure. The high rate lithium battery on the market now is mainly lithium polymer battery and lithium iron phosphate battery, which is also a relatively strong and stable battery to provide power. Now the jump starter starts power supply in the direction of large capacity, light weight and easy to carry, can meet these, only these two kinds of battery cells.

Power bank to use common polymer lithium-ion batteries, normally. The batteries do not support strong large current discharge performance in industrial standard. The design of the power bank application's main purpose is to meet some, such as mobile phones, or wireless headphones. It doesn’t have strong discharge current power electronics for standby power. Therefore, its use of lithium batteries capacity and durability of the pursuit. Energizer PPS700 has NCM battery, with battery management system (BMS), it has more functions to protect your devices from over-current/ over-voltage protection. If you want to achieve high current discharge, it will do great damage to the internal battery, such as easy to bulge, internal short circuit spontaneous combustion and other accidents. 

The electronic components of the circuit board used by the emergency power source and the chargeare different

Due to the large number of similar products in the market, the competition is very tight. Leading to manufacturers in order to earn limited profit space, and try their best to reduce the cost of products, so that businesses will in lithium cell, circuit board, shell, fixed parts and other aspects, in strict accordance with the principle of a penny a goods manufacturing products. Some businesses, even in order to benefit, will choose a replacement cell or electronic components, in order to achieve the purpose of low cost and high profit.

Test the effect of auto emergency start power supply

Get to the point, the car emergency start power supply and charging treasure to use the function of the circuit board is not the same, charging treasure is not very big because in general discharge current, basic it is within the 3A, so the use of electronic components can be achieved by the current can be in three or so, the car emergency start power current when starting the car need in 100 ~ 300.

The quality of electronic components used will be higher, and the cost will naturally be higher. There is also the starting power supply in addition to meet the function of starting the car, but also have the function of the power bank. The functional design of the circuit board is more expensive than of it, and the quality requirements are naturally higher. This is why the price of jump starter power we see in the market is generally more valuable than charging.


From the above analysis, I believe that you will have a good understanding of why the car emergency start power supply can be used as a charger, and the charger can not be used as an emergency start power supply. Hope the above content can give you some reference, more information about power station 2100w, Energizer PPS2000W01,Energizer PPS 160W01, PPS320W01, PPS700W01, feel free to contact us.