How to Choose Outdoor Power Station?

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With the improvement of living standards and health awareness, more and more people now like to travel, camp in the wild or do outdoor sports, and the outdoor power station comes into being. Outdoor power station, as the name implies, is an energy source that can be used outdoors for a long time. It can be understood as a relatively large power bank, but it has a larger capacity and longer battery life than ordinary power banks, and is suitable for electronic equipment and scenes.Let's talk about the characteristics and purchase suggestions of outdoor power supplies.

What is outdoor power?

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The outdoor power station is a mobile rechargeable energy storage power station with built-in lithium-ion battery, which can be used for conventional charging or solar charging, with AC output/DC output function, not only with USB interface, but also with AC, Type-C, and PD in/output. It can provide continuous pure sine wave output current for various small and medium-sized electrical equipment, which is not only stable, but also harmless to electrical appliances, especially suitable for tourism. With Energizer PPS700, it is perfect for you doing mountaineering, camping, stargazing, bird watching, emergency rescue, Rescue, survey, construction, emergency start of cars and other outdoor scenes that are inconvenient for conventional charging.

How to choose an outdoor power station?


At present, outdoor power supplies mainly use lithium-ion batteries with light weight, small size, long cycle life and stable performance. However, some lithium batteries are prone to fire and explosion due to short-circuit or overcharge due to poor technology or improper use. Therefore, outdoor power sources with lithium-ion batteries with explosion-proof and fire-proof functions should be selected.


The unified voltage standard in my country is 220V. When purchasing outdoor power supplies, 220V standard voltage should also be selected to better adapt to other electronic equipment, maintain high efficiency and stability of voltage and current output, and will not cause damage to the equipment.

Battery capacity

The larger the capacity of the battery, the longer the continuous output of electric energy. On long trips, if the power of electronic devices is insufficient, it will not only cause inconvenience, but also easily lead to accidents. Therefore, the capacity size is a parameter that must be paid attention to when purchasing an outdoor power station.


The more wattage an outdoor power source has, the more devices it can power. When doing outdoor sports or camping, it is usually necessary to carry certain electronic equipment, including not only basic equipment such as mobile phones and flashlights, but also laptops, cameras, video cameras, drones, stoves, small refrigerators, headlights, and even small microcomputers. Medical emergency equipment. The more equipment you carry, the more powerful the outdoor power station should be.

Power station interface

The more types of interfaces supported by the outdoor power station, the stronger the compatibility and the more applicable electronic devices. Therefore, an outdoor power station that supports AC, USB, Type-C with power delivery protocol, car charger and other interface outputs should be selected to meet the needs of different devices. Energizer PPS700 meets all your requires.

Charging method and efficiency

At present, outdoor power sources generally have car charging, solar charging, and some are also equipped with PD fast charging adapters. For users, the more charging methods of the outdoor power station, the better, and the higher the charging efficiency, the better, so that there is no fear that a certain charging method will fail in some special environments and cannot be charged.


Outdoor power supplies are mostly used in outdoor scenes, so portability is very important, especially in emergency rescue situations, if the outdoor power station is too bulky, it is likely to delay the rescue time.


Last thing but not least, safety is the first priority for everyone. Usually, batteries are extremely dangerous if not handled properly. But with Energizer PPS700, it has a Battery Management System (BMS) , which protect you, and helps you & your devices get rid of over-load, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature.

In the End

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