How Do Energizer Portable Power Stations Work?
A portable power station like Energizer PPS320 works just like a backup generator, but it is smaller and easier to use. A portable power station has an inverter that takes the standard AC current from the battery and changes it into DC (direct current) so you can plug in equipment such as lights, mobiles, laptops, etc. 
Energizer PPS320 PORTABLE POWER STATION This advantage gives LFP a perfect choice to build into Energizer Portable Power Station and use Energizer as a backup device.


If you want to store some power in a battery system with a solar panel that can run your 150W TV for 1.5h a day or so and charges your MacBook Pro 1-2 times a day, as well as run a light and charge a phone daily. You might be interested in Energizer PPS320, a mobile power supply with 320Wh capacity, which can easily be charged via solar panel, AC, 100W PD and CAR.
As a portable mobile supply, PPS320 with a build-in LiFePO4 battery and BMS has 2000+ lifecycle and more than 10 years of use life. PPS320 is not intended to be a whole-house replacement power battery. It’s a high-end backup battery, and it does that job well.