When it comes to camping, a portable 12 volt power supply that can provide power for a variety of outdoor activities such as charging your cell phone, tablet, CPAP machine and powering lights and small appliances is ideal. In this case, you'll want a portable 12 volt power supply that is lightweight, small in size, and can provide a steady power source over a long period of time.
A popular option for portable 12V power for camping is a portable solar generator or power bank with outlet. They are designed to be portable and can be charged using solar panels, making them a good option for use in remote areas where power outlets may be limited. Some popular models include the Energizer PPS320 and Massimo 300w 12v portable lithium battery power station. These power stations can output power through USB, AC and DC ports and can charge and power a variety of devices, lamps and appliances.
You should also consider the capacity of the portable 12 volt power supply, as well as the type of equipment you will be using. It is a good idea to choose a portable 12 volt power supply with a capacity greater than the amount you expect to use to ensure that you have enough power to meet your needs. For example, the Energizer PPS320, which has 320Wh of power, can charge your small CPAP for 7-8 hours.