How to Keep Your Power Using More Safety
With the emergence of intelligent household appliances, like power generator, more and more people in the choice of electrical appliances is not only easy to use, but also consider whether the operation of electrical appliances is intelligent, which can bring greater convenience. It is because of the belief in the intelligence of electrical appliances, more and more people ignore the danger of electricity itself, so whether household appliances are traditional or intelligent, it is crucial to correctly grasp the knowledge of safe electricity use. PPS2000 has 6 AC outlets with 2100W rated power, 4800W peaks. Although Energizer has its safe battery, the safety usage is still important. In this article, I will list 10 Things to keep your power using more safety by using grid and off-grid or portable outlet.
portable outlet
1. The purchase of electrical appliances according to their actual size of electricity, choose the right distribution equipment, at the same time wire and meter should also choose the right amount of electricity, the power distribution equipment can not meet the requirements of the capacity of household appliances, must be replaced in time, can not make do with use, otherwise it may cause fire accidents.
2. The purchase of household appliances should also understand its insulation performance: is the general insulation, reinforced insulation or double insulation. If it is grounded for leakage protection, the grounding wire is essential. Even for reinforced or double-insulated electrical equipment, protective grounding or protective zero connection is beneficial.
3. Usually pay attention to check the line situation, if the home power line is seriously aging or damaged, it is necessary to replace the new line in time to avoid the fire caused by short circuit.
4. The family is best equipped with an electrical toolbox, which should have the "test pen, screwdriver, with glue pliers" and other necessary electrical appliances, in case of emergency.
5. Household appliances should be kept dry and clean, do not use gasoline, alcohol, soapy water, cleaning powder with corrosion or conductive liquid wipe the surface of household appliances.
6. In addition to refrigerators, all household appliances should be switched off, especially electric appliances, especially the water heater in the bathroom.
7. Where there is a requirement of protective grounding of household appliances, should be used three-pin plug and three-eye socket, not with the plug of two feet and two eyes socket, resulting in grounding (or zero) line empty.
8. Grounding protection shall be done for electrical appliances that must be grounded. Do not forget to install the ground wire for the three-hole socket and metal socket box, and do not change the three-hole plug into a two-hole plug at will. Pay special attention to do not randomly connect the ground wire to the water supply pipe, gas pipe and other metal pipe.
9. Do not touch the live switch with wet hands, and do not pull or plug the power plug with wet hands. Do not touch the metal part of the power contact with your fingers, and do not use wet hands to change electrical components such as light bulbs.
10. Emergency need to cut off the power wire, must use insulation electrical pliers or with insulation handle tool.
backup battery power supply
For your safety when using by outlet or backup battery power supply, a battery management system is really important. Then you will know Energizer PPS2000 got its own to protect you from over-current, over-load, over-charging, and it helps you get rid of over-temperature while using large power of electrical devices. So it allows you power anywhere, and power anytime.