Camping in the USA: Top 10 Rated Recommendations (Part III)


From Seattle to New York, from Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, camping has become an integral part of American culture. Camping culture is integrated into more people's ordinary life in the United States. And generator for camping is nessary for your camping. According to incomplete statistics, more than 3 million people in the United States have the experience of self-driving, and more than 2 million people choose backpacking and hiking camping every year. In the United States, people have long regarded camping as a leisure lifestyle to relax their spirit, show their personality and release their mind.

Due to the rapid expansion of industrialization and urbanization, cities are filled with noise, congestion, anxiety, and a sense of ubiquitous rules that make people a bit breathless.

This is the time to put on your backpack, pack your bags and plunge into the embrace of nature. Enjoy the unique scenery, fish on the lake, sit around the campfire and talk. Now let’s into the last part.


  1. Cottage Salmon Pier Campground, White River, Arkansas 

The cool waters of the White River make for fantastic rainbows. Since the campground is located right in the Ozarks fishing area, the mountain trout and salmon in the White River make this the best fishing campground. You will experience the joy of fishing in the river while relaxing on the island. At Cottage Salmon Pier, in addition to camping at one of the regular campsites, you can also enjoy a 2-6 day fishing and camping expedition with a tour group, fish by fish; all over Buffalo National River Park, the White River and the North Shore tributaries of the White River.

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  1. Stinger Berlin Campground, Catskill Mountains, NY 

Do you want more freedom when it comes to the great outdoors? Spiny Berlin Campground won't let you down. This is the most casual campground in terms of dress code. Here, men can do without polo shirts, women can put away their skinny jeans, and if they dare, they can go back to nature like Adam and Eve did before they stole the forbidden fruit. But don't get the wrong idea, this is a relaxation place open to families. Mentally ill people, pranksters and photo-ready devices are prohibited. Campers enjoy barbecue picnics, gatherings with friends, and even midnight karaoke here. 


  1. Sterling Highway, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska 

When road trips and camping come together, it's an absolute treat like no other, and the Sterling Highway is just such a place. The area from Sterling Junction to Point Homer faces stunning coastal scenery, and you can stop and camp as long as you're willing to put down your tent and stop your tour bus. As you drive along, you'll see moose, eagles, and bears. Better yet, go here in the summer and you'll be in the middle of the world's biggest salmon fishing party. 


  1. "Dispersed" camping sites, in Colorado National Par

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Yellowstone National Park is the earliest national park in the United States, but because of its reputation, visitors are so attracted to it that it is boring to go camping again. Colorado National Park is a great alternative, with more than 60 first-come, first-served "scattered" camping sites throughout the park. Camping in the forest or on the shores of a mountain lake? It's up to you. Elk, black-tailed deer, bighorn sheep, black bears, moose, porcupines, hawks and bobcats will give you a glimpse of  Yellowstone at the camping site on the northeast side of Estes Park. Don't forget to bring your fishing pole, salmon and fennel are waiting to be hooked!