What is the Energizer PPS320?

The Energizer Portable Power Station is a powerful and versatile backup power source that offers a range of functions. The PPS320 model uses a high-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery that can store up to 320Wh of power, making it ideal for charging small appliances and other electronic devices and serving as a reliable power source in emergencies.

Energizer Portable Power Station

Multiple output interfaces

The power supply has USB-A, USB-C, DC, AC and other output interfaces, which can supply power to various devices. Its AC sockets can provide up to 300 watts of power for small appliances, making it an excellent choice for camping, outdoor activities, and emergency backup power during power outages.

Supports solar charging

One of the great advantages of the Energizer portable power station is that it supports solar charging, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source. By using solar panels, you can charge a power station even if you are in a remote area without a conventional power source.

Overall, the Energizer solar generator PPS320 is a reliable and versatile backup power source that can be used in a variety of situations. It's small, light, and easy to transport, making it a great investment for anyone who wants to stay connected and powered on the go.