Why Solar Power? Why Solar Generator?
In the previous article, we have introduced the energy of diesel, lead-acid, and Li-ion batteries as a method for power storage. Now hereby is the introduction for solar energy as a power generator source. Before straight forward in the topic of solar power, there are some other power generation sources, and why solar power is recommended.
No fuel Energizer solar generator
What is Solar Power Resources?
The most we know about solar energy is that it's infinite, and inexhaustible, but what else? Is solar energy good? In addition to its inexhaustible, what benefits can it bring to people? Solar energy is the most important basic energy source. Biomass energy, wind energy, tidal energy and water energy all come from solar energy. The nuclear reaction of hydrogen gathering into helium is carried out inside the sun, which continuously releases huge energy and radiates energy to the space. This fusion reaction inside the sun can last for a long time, estimated to be billions to tens of billions of years.
Compared with other energy sources, solar energy has a universal existence in most regions of the Earth and can be used locally. Second, under the current level of technological development, solar energy utilization is not only possible but also feasible. Solar room, solar oven and high temperature furnace, desalination plant, water pump, thermal power plant and solar medical equipment. This provides a good prospect for the countries and regions lacking conventional energy to solve the energy problem. Like clean energy sources such as wind and tidal power, solar energy produces almost no pollution when it is exploited.
However, due to the limitations of natural conditions such as day and night, season, geographical latitude and altitude, as well as the influence of random factors such as sunny, cloudy, cloud and rain, the solar irradiance reaching a certain ground is intermittent and extremely unstable, which increases the difficulty of large-scale application of solar energy. Continuous and stable in order to make solar energy, and eventually be able to compete with conventional energy alternatives, it is necessary to well solve the problem of energy storage, namely the sunny during the day the sun radiant energy stored as far as possible, for the night or rainy day, but the energy storage is one of the relatively weak link in solar energy utilization, and the use of solar energy, To get a certain conversion power, often need a considerable area of a collection and conversion equipment, the cost is higher.
Energizer LiFePO4 battery portable power stations
What We Can Do For That?
With the upgraded user experience now aimed at homes and the self-employed, there are now portable solar panels and energy storage power sources for the energy cycle. Now Energizer released out portable solar generator PPS320 and home use solar system PPS2000. With a premium material of LiFePO4 battery, and both models have battery management system, it can hold your battery and devices avoid over-charge, over-voltage, over-load, and over-temperature, and guarantee your power storage. To generate your solar power, we recommend POWERWIN foldable solar panel. It is perfectly match with Energizer solar energy, and the material is high convert rate. grade-A mono-crystalline silicon. To make it a green energy, to make it better future.