What Can You Do For Under 300W Appliances?
For 300W electrical appliances, there are some to think about. If you live in a town house, watching TV, and sit down on a coach with a cool iced pop from a mini-fridge, you will not think about any scenario of being power outages. Well, if one day there is no any power generates suddenly, what can you do for it?
To obtain electricity power an emergency situation, the first priority you might think is its portability. Looking for a portable battery for energy storage, majority of home users do have power bank for being outside or what ever, and it is portable, but power bank does not help much by 300W power. What power banks can do if for charging phones several times or for those of electronic accessories.
For the traditional generators, it does generate high power, but it usually use gasoline as fuel to generate electricity, it emits emissions when generating electricity, and it is quite noisy when charging and supplying electricity, and do not have the ability to recharge. When generating electricity, fuel generator emits waste gas, which is not suitable for indoor use.
To find a emergency energy storage that need compatible with the home use appliances, portable, quiet, safe, and no waste gas. There is Energizer Power Station.
Why Energizer?
If you search power stations online, you will see there are a lot of brands and products, and it is hard to choose which brand or product is better. Some power station has been rigorously tested by Energizer brand. Now Energizer PPS320 will be your first portable power station. PPS320 only weights 9 lbs, but it generates 300W power and storage for 320Wh capacity. The battery is powered by lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4). The automotive safety level battery will secure your power. With pure sine wave inverter and battery management system. With PD 100W in/output, you can charge your lap top for a faster speed. Beside of charging lap top only, you can charge your mini-fridge, TV, electric blanket, lamps, stereos, WiFi routers, etc by PPS320. No matter where you are, in a basement or in a tent for outdoor camping, Energizer PPS320 will keep you safe for your power.