Still Confuse Watt and Watt-hour?

Up to now, you already know the solar power generator, right? Let's say you know that solar generators come in many different shapes and sizes, and their size is often based on their energy storage capacity. Say so many, you will probably find this particular article, because you are interested in 2100 watts of power generator is still, and what it can provide motivation or the presence of any other security solutions. Don't worry, in this article, we will discuss the power capacity and rated power of 2100Wh megawatts of solar energy generator.


solar generator 2000 watt


Most mainstream brand of solar generator usually through it models the energy contained in the title or the power supply ability to promote their generators. If you go to our website, you will see that all of our products list their capacity and power rating (as shown above). Many people often confuse W with Wh. Are they the same thing? Do they serve the same purpose? Nope, they all totally different unit to count. The watt is a unit of power recorded in the International System of Units that used to quantify the rate of energy transfer. Then, a watt-hour, is symbolized as Wh, and is a unit of energy equal to one watt of power used for one hour of time. We can think this way W is the consumption of power at a certain time, and Wh is a capacity for how much power that runs per hour. A small generator or power bank is often rated by their amp hour (mAh) capacity. A mAh is a unit of electric charge. It is the charge capacity of a battery, while a Wh is a unit of electrical energy. It is the energy capacity of the battery. You can convert mAh to Wh if you'd like. The formula is simple: Convert Energy in Wh = capacity (in mAh) x voltage (in Volts). Or simply Wh = mAh ×1000× V.

Then you might know how big power you need, and how sufficient capacities of battery you want, which you can get rid of purchasing a wrong power stations. For example, PPS2000 has the inverter will allow you to actually power appliances that are rated between 0-2100 watts. Any more, and your power generator won't work. Even if you buy a 21500 Wh backup battery power supply(do you notice the difference between a W and a Wh?) When it comes to the batteries for the power generator. The higher the capacity (Wh), the longer you will be able to power the equipment (as long as it falls on your generator's wattage rating).

As the result, you might know the power of PPS2000, it has 2100 watt as the maximum rated power of 4200W peak, and 2150Wh capacity. LiFePO4 battery, 2000+ charge cycles to 80%. 900W max charging by solar, etc. And they are about $500 off on Black Friday special offer. Follow us for more information.