How to Use 12V Car Socket to Power Everything
Generally, all cars will be loaded with 12V car chargers, also called camping charger, and some cars will be more luxurious, providing USB sockets to let users to power mobile phones in the car, power banks and other equipment. However, there are still some people who do not know its principle and the correct way to use it. In this article, we will learn how to use the 12V car charger and the safety instructions.
Let's first have a look at the metal structure of the car charger. The bottom of the car charger is positive, and the electric shock at both ends is negative. You need to use the word is actually very simple, directly inserted into the cigarette lighter inside. The power light in the connector will come on after you plug it in, indicating it's working, and you can then plug in your phone to start charging. Note here that some owners of the charger power is not large enough, so when recharging the tablet can not be charged back.
For camping use, Energizer portable power stations have the function to receive input electricity power from car charger. You can charge your camping battery pack on the road while on the way for your adventure. Usually PPS240, PPS320 input socket are DC 5521 barrel socket. A portable charger for camping, as one of the accessories in the packing list, to charge the power station, you can just connect to your DC5521 plug, then charge into the 12V Car socket. If the screen indicated its charging, you are all set and just go with your camping.
For the safety use, if not used correctly, it will cause accidental damage, so we need to use these ways to ensure that the charger is safe to use.
1) Do not use in the high temperature of summer, especially when the temperature in the car can reach more than 30 degrees or even 40 degrees, remember to pull out the car charger, otherwise the heat coupled with the output current will dissipate heat, very easy to burn electrical components.
2) It is recommended not to charge the car before it starts, and then charge it after the voltage is stable. Many people do not care about this before, and the result is that the battery of the mobile phone is not durable. Of course, your car charger is better, with voltage protection function that does not matter.
3) vehicle charging mouth to avoid entering the water damage, so as not to increase the corrosion, attention should be paid to some people in cleaning the car.
4) Some cars in the ignition, cigarette lighter will still power supply, so we need to pay attention to, in the vehicle after the ignition, remember to pull out the car charger in time, to avoid the battery feed caused by the damage of the car battery.
5) Try not to get more than one charging port, because the power of the cigarette lighter is fixed, more will increase the load of the cigarette lighter, not only damage the mobile phone battery, but also increase the risk of cigarette lighter fire, here we should pay attention to.
There is an old saying says: a price points a points goods. A good car charge should have over-voltage, over-current, overheating, and short circuit protection functions, the shell is best to use ABS flame retardant environmental protection materials, for obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, a smooth surface without leaving fingerprints, is perfect.