ETFE Film in Solar Panel for Camping
Solar cell is made from silicon and some other elements added during process. The cell is stack up with several layers to form wafers. These materials are fragile and easily break because of the properties of the substance. Glass is usually used as the protective layer because it can pass sunlight and hard enough to protect all solar cell beneath the glass.  This type of solar panel often has higher weight and not convenient to move it around.  
Energizer portable charging station is a portable device, needs to be convenient for every condition. And that is why it needs a convenience solar panel to pair with. Foldable Solar Panel gives advantage for charging Energizer battery backup power supply. Light weight, small size, high efficiency, easy to use and deliver more power to charge the power station.  
This Foldable Solar Panel is also made from monocrystalline silicone use in most high-quality solar panels. To make it durable and lightweight, the ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) film is used.  ETFE is extremely durable and resistance to environmental elements. It protects solar cell from cracks, premature degradation, help to absorb more solar light, self-cleaning properties and make thinner solar panel to withstand pressure. Other advantages of ETFE over glass are that it is more flexible than glass so higher magnitudes of deflection can be tolerated, as well as its shatterproof nature, making it a good material to cover solar cell in Foldable Solar Panel for camping that often unfold when using it and fold it again to store.  
ETFE is made from sustainable material and easily recyclable at the end of the solar panel’s life. Stain resistance because it has non-adhesive surface, dust and grime that come into contact are easily washed away during rainfall. This gives ETFE-panels much less maintenance do reach optimum performance. The right choice to have a good quality material build into our Foldable Solar Panel that will give a convenience when charging Energizer Portable generator for camping using sunlight.