In order to understand how to fix this problem, you first need to understand why the problem is occurring. The reason why your solar generator may shut down when you run some household appliances is most likely due to the safety feature of the built-in pure sine wave inverter. First, we will break down each of the components that make up your solar generator, and then we will explain what each component does. A solar system is one of the most important components of a solar energy system. It converts the output produced by the solar panels into electricity that can be used in your house or workplace.
If you are one of those people who are confused about all things technological, then portable solar generators have probably confused you. Even if you have a basic understanding of how they work, solar inverter failures are still fairly common, so if you've invested in a solar generator, you may benefit from reading this article.
A solar inverter receives the DC output or direct current from the solar panels and then converts it to AC 110V or 240V (depend on the specs you purchase) current or AC output. Please note that the appliances installed in your home work with AC power, not DC power. This is why solar systems need to change the DC output produced by the solar powers.
However, solar inverters can sometimes fail and stop working. If your solar inverter is not working properly, you may be thinking things like, "Can the power station be fixed?" and "What if the power station doesn't work?" To help you, let's take a look at some of the most common causes of solar system failures and how to correct them by self trouble shooting.
1. Over Temperature
Temperature affects portable power stations straight away. Not only by its solar system, but electrical units and component that mounted in the mother board of the machines. Thus, solar systems are quite sensitive to high temperatures. The resulting heat can cause a significant drop in production. In fact, they can even stop production if the temperature reaches its maximum limit. Therefore, you need to check at the initial design stage whether the proposed cooling technology is adequate and whether it has sufficient capacity. For example, it is extremely important that the building in which the inverters and switch-gear are placed is well ventilated.
2. Alarm Beeping
The constant alarm beeping condition of solar system can occur when the inverter is overloaded or when the inverter cooling fan is stuck. The cooling fan of the inverter is a key part of the inverter and the cooling fan must always work as long as it is working. For any reason we have, if the cooling fan is unable to maintain the required temperature of the inverter, the solar system will begin beeping an alarm or automatically shut down.
Energizer PPS320 E09 Error Code DC Charging Overvaltage
If you notice the solar system beeping continuously, PPS320, for an example, disconnect all devices connected to the inverter to avoid overloading the inverter, and then clear the alarm history to reset the power station. You can also clean the inverter's cooling fan monthly so that it does not cause any malfunction or stop working.
3. LED Display Failure
This is also a failure that many customers have complained about. The solar system LED screen may consistency caused, which may be the result of a malfunction. This can be due to two reasons - an external problem or some internal problem. External problems may include loose battery wires or cables, while internal problems are mainly due to the circuitry.
The internal problems can only be fixed by its specific operation, or if you are a hard core solar system nerd, that would be another story. Any way, so in this case you will have to take your solar inverter to a workshop. Fortunately, you can fix external problems at home by checking the battery cables or input/output wires. In some cases, overload can even be a problem. Therefore, remove all additional loads from the inverter and recheck them.
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