Portable energy storage PPS320 is suitable for travel
Camping with CPAP therapy is not only possible, it's easier than ever. Thanks to lightweight CPAP devices, the CPAP battery for camping and a wide variety of power supply, campers and backpackers have many options for taking their CPAP therapy with them. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, get close to nature, enjoy its tranquility, breathe fresh air and experience free time, why not take a weekend camping trip and have a relaxing vacation?
And it's highly recommended to take your CPAP therapy with you to ensure you continue your sleep apnea treatment. Simply deciding to skip a few nights of treatment is never a good idea. It could mean a regression in your progress toward beating sleep apnea. It may also encourage the bad habit of skipping treatment on some occasions.
cpap battery
CPAP battery backup power supply is crucial for people who want to rest peacefully in outdoor camping. It's better be well prepared before camping outdoors to prevent problems you may encounter. Usually the power of the CPAP is 30W-60W. Using the 320Wh/ 300W Energizer Portable Power Station PPS320 can provide you with about a full night's supply of CPAP power, so you can sleep peacefully even outdoors.
As the weather gets colder, it is necessary to have a CPAP battery for camping, but other warm equipment is also important, such as an electric blanket for outdoor camping, to keep you warm outdoors. The power of electric blanket is about 200W-400W. If you need to use it all night, the Energizer portable power station  PPS2000 can store more power to charge the electric blanket and CPAP all night.