Camping in the USA: Top 10 Rated Recommendations (Part II)
There are many parks in the United States, most of which are well managed and have beautiful scenery. Thinking about how wonderful and romantic it is to camp in a beautiful park with a beautiful environment and enjoy the beauty of nature behind the scenes. Don’t forget to bring your portable generator for camping, Energizer PPS320. Now let me continue to introduce you to the top 10 best campgrounds in America!
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4. Barren Riverbed Lake State Park Resort, Kentucky If "camping" is loosely defined as staying in a lakeside cottage and playing tennis every afternoon, or staying in an improved mobile home with a few rounds of golf each day, Barren River Resort is for you. The Barron River silts up here, creating a riverbed lake. You can fish, canoe, play in the lake, go caving ...... any outdoor sports are available here.Be sure to bring your camping solar power system, that will help you a lot when there is a outage. Such "camping", I'm afraid some of the names do not live up to the name. But if you like it, you can say it's camping, that's fine!
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5. Kirk Creek Campground, Los Padres National Forest, California Kirk Creek Campground, located 30 miles south of California's famous Big Sur coast, is the best campground on the West Coast. Here, you can watch the sun slowly fall westward into the vast Pacific Ocean from a 100-foot bluff. There are only 33 spots on this bluff with a good view of the ocean, so make sure you pick a good camping spot. Also, there are not many trees here, so you should prepare shade gear in advance,and don’t forget to bring the small generator for camping with you . Half of the campsites here can be reserved in advance, while the rest are on a first-come, first-served basis.
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6. Seawall Campground, Acadia National Park, Maine If you want to go camping on the East Coast, don't miss Acadia National Park. The park is dominated by Mount Desert Island, where you can experience intertidal exploration, climb sea cliffs, and hike along the coast. Reservations are available for all 306 campsites at Blackwoods Campground, just south of Bar Harbor, while the 214 campsites at Seawall Campground on the far end of Mount Desert Island are available on a first-come, first-served basis.