How to Choose a Suitable Portable Power Station?

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's material living standards, whether it is short-term hiking, camping, or long-term self-driving, the way of returning to nature and getting close to nature has become more and more popular. In such a market, more and more outdoor equipment has entered the public's field of vision. The first is the 600w portable power station, because the modern way of life, whether indoors or outdoors, is inseparable from electricity.

Therefore, if you want to improve the experience of outdoor life, a portable power station is an indispensable piece of equipment, so how to choose a suitable 600W portable power station?

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A common use of portable power station

The portable power station is widely used, mainly for a mobile office, outdoor leisure, outdoor operation, emergency rescue, etc. today, we mainly discuss its use in leisure camping and self-driving tourism.

  • Lighting

The most common problem in outdoor camping, whether lighting or atmosphere lighting, is inseparable from the continuous and stable power supply, which is also the most frequently used use of 350W portable power stations. Lighting lamps are for the safety and convenience of camping at night, while atmosphere lamps can create a more relaxed camping atmosphere. Generally speaking, both of them are indispensable.

  • Cooking

There are many ways to cook outdoors. Traditionally, a charcoal fire is mainly used, but many scenic spots prohibit open fire for safety reasons. In addition, outdoor life is not as convenient and simple as imagined. It is more convenient and safer to use electrical appliances.

  • Entertainment

To enhance the richness of camping activities, many children will bring a lot of entertainment electronic equipment outdoors. Mobile phones and laptops are the most common. In addition, there are cameras, UAVs, portable audio, and projectors.

  • Comfort

Although it is said that it is natural to go outdoors to breathe fresh air, comfort should still be considered. It is muggy outdoors in summer and cold in winter, so many small appliances that improve comfort can also be carried selectively, such as small fans, car refrigerators, electric mosquito repellent incense to prevent mosquito bites, etc.

Without these appliances, camping will become unbearable in a relatively poor climate or environment.

Purchasing skills of the portable power station

After understanding the use of 350w portable power stations and our own needs, let's take a look at how to choose a high-cost performance product. The common parameters are as follows:

  • Power

If you prefer the original and light outdoor camping mode, which is generally used only for mobile phone charging and night lighting, you only need to buy low-power products, because buying high-power products not only has no place to play but also costs a lot of budgets.

However, if you have high requirements for an outdoor camping experience, such as watching movies, singing, barbecuing, and drinking iced drinks, you still have to start with high-power equipment. Theoretically, the greater the power, the better.

  • Capacity

Large capacity means long-endurance, more electrical appliances can be used outdoors, and outdoor activities become richer. But it also depends on personal usage habits, such as travel cycle, number of people, number of electrical appliances used, etc.

  • Output port

The output port mainly depends on two parameters: one is the type of output port, and the other is the number of output ports.

Common types of output ports include AC, USB, type-C, car charging, and other interface outputs, which are convenient for users to use in different scenarios, with more selectivity and stronger compatibility. Of course, it depends on whether fast charging is supported. The charging efficiency will also affect the user experience.

The number of output ports will directly affect the number of electrical appliances that can be used at the same time.

  • Charging speed

Theoretically, the larger the capacity, the longer the charging time will be. However, due to the different charging technologies used by different brands and products, there will be great differences.

General charging methods include city charging, car charging, and solar charging. The most commonly used is city charging, that is, 220V City charging is inserted into the wall because the charging efficiency is relatively high; Solar charging is mainly used by people who stay outdoors for a long time; The charging speed mainly depends on the number of solar panels; The portable power station 200W can be charged on the vehicle through the cigarette lighter of the vehicle if the vehicle charging is relatively less.

  • Portability

A portable power station is also called an outdoor power supply. Like many outdoor electrical appliances, portability is one of its most important attributes. Because the outdoor environment is more complex, it is portable or carried on the back. Therefore, an excellent portable power station 200W product should not be too large in volume and weight, and it is best to have a grip that conforms to ergonomic design.

  • Battery material/safety

At present, the vast majority of portable power stations 200W on the market use ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The lithium iron phosphate battery has higher safety and is one of the batteries with the highest safety level in the industry. It is safer, more stable in power supply, has high-temperature resistance, and has nonspontaneous combustion. The problem of electrical safety cannot be ignored, so it is more recommended to buy lithium iron phosphate battery products when purchasing.

In addition, it is inevitable to encounter collision, high/low temperature, water drenching, and other problems in outdoor use. Therefore, the shell must be placed in a collision, with high-temperature resistance and good water resistance.

  • Brand

No matter what product you buy, it is recommended to buy a big brand with more security. At least, the after-sales service is guaranteed. With the increase of social platforms, more and more unscrupulous manufacturers spend their R&D expenses on marketing and invite various bloggers to bring goods for them. Most of these products are affordable and attractive, but most of them are strong on the outside and weak in the middle. They are not practical at all.