How Are Sudden Power Outages Not Affected? Outdoor Power Station Helps You!

Since summer, the continuous high temperature has made the electricity demand grow rapidly. In addition, due to the combination of a variety of factors, such as the tight supply of thermal coal, water runoff in major river basins, and frequent occurrence of rainstorms and flood disasters, some regions have experienced occasional power outages.


Outdoor power supply alleviates power shortage

Outdoor power to electrical energy stored in the battery pack, when need power through inverter transformation to provide emergency power support, as the lithium battery costs down, the vast majority of outdoor power away from the previous use of the lead-acid battery, started using energy density is higher, more safety, the longer service life of lithium batteries as energy carrier, outdoor power supply volume weight are greatly reduced.

Outdoor power supply has the ability of inverter AC output. In the face of sudden power failure, it can drive fans, network devices, notebooks, cash registers, and other equipment to run, and support for several hours until the power is restored to normal, to minimize the impact on life. Outdoor power supply due to clean, clean, quiet, easy to use, portable, maintenance-free, long-term storage, and other characteristics.

Outdoor power supply applications

Outdoor power supply has been integrated into People's Daily life in Europe and The United States. The demand for portable energy storage power supply for self-driving travel enthusiasts, RV travel, outdoor travel teams, and individual players is hard and fast. Even if you stay indoors and encounter a sudden power failure at home, the outdoor power supply can also provide a variety of power output, power supply for small appliances in the home, provide lighting, and keep digital equipment running, so that people's life and work will not be disturbed when power failure.

In the medical field, the outdoor power supply can be used for ventilators and other medical instruments to provide life maintenance for patients in field first aid, solve the problem that medical equipment cannot operate due to the lack of electricity supply, and reduce emergencies to avoid endangering personal safety. Outdoor power supply In the photography team can provide power support for lighting, UAV, camera, monitor, and other equipment to ensure the completion of shooting tasks. In special situations such as earthquake disaster preparedness, an outdoor power supply with solar panels can enable people to maintain continuous power for a long time in a harsh environment, which is particularly important.

Outdoor power has become a trend

The technological revolution of generators has come. The traditional emergency power supply gasoline generator relies on the burning of gasoline to generate electricity, which makes great noise during operation. Adding and storing gasoline is a potential safety hazard for ordinary users, and it has a complex mechanical kinetic energy structure that needs regular maintenance and has pollution emissions. Aiming at the shortcomings of traditional gasoline generators, an outdoor power supply with the battery as an energy reserve can solve the above problems well.

The outdoor power supply adopts a high energy density lithium-ion battery pack, which can output 220V AC through the inverter conversion module, and has its USB interface to directly charge digital products. The outdoor power supply works without noise, is easy to use, quiet, and maintenance-free, and users do not need to carry out complex operations, plug in and use, has become a new generation of power security equipment.


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