Do I Need to Buy a Portable Charging Station

Battery life anxiety has always been the biggest problem plaguing electric vehicle owners and "prospective owners" of electric vehicles. For owners who do not have a fixed parking space at home to install charging piles, the charging problem is even more serious. For this kind of problem, which is to transform the charging station into a portable and mobile appearance. Although this solution is not very effective at present, it has to be said that this may be the best solution to the anxiety of future electric vehicles.

Features of our Portable Charging Stations


Energizer PPS2000 Bluetti Ecoflow Jackery


This power bank looks like a small suitcase, with wheels and telescopic poles, and weighs only 45 pounds. A single charge can add about 32 to 65 kilometers of cruising range for electric vehicles. Depending on the model, the increased cruising range ranges from fluctuated.

The added cruising range is a bit low, and many people may be a little disappointed, but it can provide a lot of convenience for users who cannot use home charging piles. For the difficult technical development of electric vehicle charging treasures, this is also a big improvement.

Why choose our portable charging station

Our "portable" electric vehicle charging station is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack housed in an aluminum frame and recyclable plastic housing that is lightweight and environmentally friendly. The housing also features wheels and a retractable handle for easy use The user can move it more conveniently. It can be said that this is like a larger, luggage-like electric car charging treasure.

Our portable" electric vehicle charging station has a capacity of up to 8kW and can provide a range of 20-40 miles (32.19-64.37 km), which can be charged to about 10% for a large capacity battery such as the Volkswagen ID.4 series. Rated power is 7kW, which is similar to most household charging piles, but thanks to its portable nature, our "portable" electric vehicle charging station can be fully charged at home and then placed in the car for emergency use.

Our portable "electric vehicle charging station integrates a 2G/4G network, which can observe the charging progress and charging status in real-time on the smartphone APP, and the AC-DC bidirectional converter can ensure that it is fully charged and transmit excess power back to the grid, taking into account safety and environmental protection are also guaranteed.


I believe that after this technology is launched, it will definitely shine in the world market, and with the development of technology, there will inevitably be mobile phones with faster-charging speeds and more energy storage. Type charging stations appear, and this technology may be the best way to solve battery life anxiety.

The current technical difficulty is to increase the capacity of the power bank and reduce its weight, which is exactly the breakthrough that the current electric vehicle battery technology is seeking, and it is expected that the development of science and technology will make the problem no longer a problem.​​​

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