Pure Sine Wave


Energizer Portable Power Station in a battery that already included an inverter to give you AC current, and it is a Pure Sine Wave (PSW) inverter. Are there any type beside this type? Which is the best? This article will give you some information about what the benefit of PSW and why Energizer choose this type.

Battery store DC current that Solar panel produce. When we want to use some electronic that consume high power usually, they need AC current. AC current has higher voltage than DC, about 110V or 220V. This advantage will lower the current that flow through the cable, so it can flow using thinner cable (cost effective and easily to use). In example. 110 watts in AC 110 volt only need 1 Amps compare to 110 watts in DC 12 V need almost 10 Amps. Almost 10-fold cable size need in DC compare to AC.


Ok,we understand why some device use AC current. Now, why PSW? AC or Alternating Current is flow like a sine wave (you will always have a frequency 50/60 Hz in AC this is because the AC current flow in wave form). PSW will deliver current best so the I will keep your electronics device running and steady. When the current is not PSW, that can make device overheat, not running steady or not running at at all and will be harmful for the component inside the device. Some electronic device that would only run with a pure sine wave are LED TV, Microwave, Refrigerator, Medical equipment and Variable speed electric motors (fan).


DC or Direct current does not flow in wave form and need to change it become a wave form (AC) we use inverter. Word of inverter means invert the current becoming alternate. In market, we can find several types of inverter other than PSW inverter. MSW (Modified Sine Wave) or SSW (Squared Sine Wave) are the example. The best of all is PSW, this is type of wave that produce from your Power Grid from Power Plant that supply your daily electricity.  PSW require more expensive component to made, so price for PSW inverter must be higher than other type of inverter.



Energizer select a PSW inverter type and build into the portable power station to ensure all device you use with Energizer PPS will run best without worries.