Our Story

IIT has committed to selling portable power stations committed to sell and distribute the Energizer brand portable power station since 2019, and has successively launched the Energizer portable power station series: PPS100/160/240/320/700.

IIT started from trading, and with more than 10 years of brand operation experience, its business covers North America, Southeast Asia, the European Union, and other countries.

Our story
Our mission

Our Mission

We are also actively exploring the future of energy storage batteries.
Hope you can create persistent possibilities with us.

What Company’s Doing?

Our Feature

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is green and low-carbon energy, which is of great significance for improving the energy structure, protecting the global environment.

 Everything Grows By The Sun

Solar energy can be directly  developed and utilized, it is easy to collection and does not need to be mined and transported. 

Clean Energy

Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy sources ever found and the development. Solar energy is the largest source of energy that can be exploited in the world today.

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Say hi to our team

Hi my freind, happy to introducing our EnergizerPPS team to you:)

The EnergizerPPS team is a passionate group of people who respect people from different places and believe that everyone has their own talents!!

We focus on customer care and protecting environment climate. "Our goal is to bring clean energy into people and homes and portable power stations are only our first step into clean energy."Judy said.

Yawei Z.



Business Development Manager

Bryan Z.

Regional Manager - EU

Jarri L.

Business Development Manager


Regional Manager - EEMEA

Chandra Tan

Regional Sales Manager - Indonesia

Zoe W. 

Regional Sales Manager - AMER

April L.

 Regional Sales Manager - APAC


3D Animator

Jeff Z.

Visual Designer

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