What kinds of solar panel is suitable for charging Energizer PPS?

Commercially available solar panel connectors are available in both male and female types that snap together. There are several types of connectors, the main ones are MC3, MC4, PV and Tyco Solarlok. Again, they come in many shapes such as T-connectors, U-connectors, X-connectors or Y-connectors. The most common type of solar connector is the MC4 connector.

So, which one is the best for charging Energizer pps?
Yes, it is the most common MC4 output solar panel, it has 2 outputs, one male and one female, so it can be used in series with multiple solar panels. The maximum power that Energizer PPS2000 can accept for solar panel charging is 900W. if charging a 110W solar panel, it can achieve up to 8 solar panels in series.

Find the solar aviation input plug for Energizer PPS2000?

There are two types of aviation plugs on the Energizer PPS2000, one is an aviation input plug on the left side of PPS2000 and the other is an aviation output plug near the power botton. When you need to store solar energy by charging the Energizer PPS2000 with solar panels, you need to plug in the aviation input plug. The aviation output plug is not capable of storing the energy from the solar panel and can only be used to charge your device.

The detail usage solar panel to charge

The Energizer PPS2000 comes with a special wiring cable for connecting to the solar panel for conversion, which you can find inside your package. If you just want to charge the PPS2000 power station, you only need to use the XT90 to aviation input plug cable and the solar XT90 to MC4 charging cable. Using these two cables, you can easily connect to the MC4 output cable of the solar panel and easily power the energy storage device. All that's left is to choose a sunny day and wait hours of patience, and you'll have green, clean energy without any fuel pollution.

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