How Many Watts Does Your Fridge Consume?


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As an appliance in every home, the refrigerator is a truly amazing appliance, and its power consumption is usually reflected in specs labels. Careful people can see that every refrigerator has this sign, below the various parameters, one of the items is the combined electricity consumption (kilowatt-hour /24 hours), followed by a number. What does this mean? In other words, how many hours of electricity does the refrigerator use to run continuously for 24 hours? Refrigerator power consumption is how much: first to see your refrigerator is how many watts, household words generally so, if it is 200W, then calculate 0.2KW left in 10 hours < general household refrigerator 24 hours a day 10 hours in the work, because the refrigerator to your set temperature will stop > then it is 2 degrees. The average power consumption is 2 degrees. Refrigerator is a kind of refrigeration equipment to keep a constant low temperature, but also a kind of food or other articles to keep a constant low temperature cold state of civil products. A cabinet or box with a compressor or ice maker for icing, and a storage box with a refrigeration device. The volume of a household refrigerator is usually 20 to 500 liters. In 1910, the world's first compression refrigeration home refrigerator in the United States came out. In 1925 the Swedish Lido Company developed the absorption refrigerator for home use. In 1927, General Electric Company developed a fully enclosed refrigerator. In 1930, the air-cooled continuous diffusion absorption refrigerator with different heating methods was put on the market. The new refrigerant Freon 12 was developed in 1931. In the second half of the 1950s, the production of household thermometric refrigerators began.


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However, no matter what kind of fridge in the market, the main power consumption are two units. One is compressor, and another one is fan. The compressor in the refrigerator is the most power-consuming part of the refrigerator, which can consume more than 200-500 watts of energy during operation. For mini fridge, it usually cost about 60-100W. But compressors do not operate 24 hours a day. If they did, consumption would be incredibly high. Instead, they cycle intermittently to keep the inside of the food cool while using as little energy as possible.

According to, the average coming to 14.47 ¢/kWh and 8.8% increase over last year. To reduce its power cost, we can think it in some different perspective.

1) Check your refrigerator it's the rubber gasket on the door frame. If this breaks down, cold air will keep leaking out, which means your fridge needs to be running all the time to keep it cool.

2) For mini fridge use on outside, prepare electric generators portable uses can save your power by its solar input function.


  • Clean the compressor/coil once a month. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck it all up, and a clean coil will make your freezer much easier to cool.

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