Advantages of Folding Solar Panels

Under the increasingly prominent energy problem, there is a new energy chasing upsurge in the world, especially when the power consumption problem of outdoor self-driving tours and outdoor camping cannot be solved, if you bring a solar panel to travel, the electronic equipment that can drive the use of The more it will be, the more troublesome it will be to solve the problem of no electricity available outdoors.


POWERWIN PWS110 SOLAR PANEL Bluetti Ecoflow Jackery



Advantages of solar charging

As a new way of charging and battery life, solar charging has the characteristics of no electricity, environmental protection and energy-saving. As long as there is light, it can charge digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers and other digital devices anytime and anywhere. It is very suitable for using the sun outdoors. Light is used to generate electricity to meet the various charging needs of the device. In particular, this solar photovoltaic panel adopts a foldable design. After being folded, it is only the size of a notebook computer. The weight of a single piece is similar to that of a notebook computer, about 3.2kg. More convenient.

Of course, only relying on solar photovoltaic panels is not enough. Most of the time, solar panels are only used as the function of storing electric energy or providing an emergency power supply for outdoor power supply. We still need one of our outdoor power supply SKA1500 to help use.

Why choose our solar panels?

High power and large capacity are major features of our portable outdoor power supply. It has a built-in 417600mAh large battery capacity and is equipped with three output interfaces: AC 220V, DC 12V, and USB DC 5V, which can meet the power supply of different types of electrical equipment. , Compatible with low-power electronic devices such as mobile phones, cameras, and laptops, it can also be used to power high-power electrical appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, induction cookers, kettles, electric drills, angle grinders, etc. The outdoor power supply is incomparable with the general outdoor power supply.

Our outdoor power supply covers a wide range of applications, including outdoor self-driving tours, outdoor camping, drone battery life, outdoor surveys, outdoor operations, household power storage, offshore fishing, emergency rescue, etc., providing emergency backup At the same time, it can use solar photovoltaic panels to store electricity when it is away from the mains area for a long time, providing you with an efficient and portable power consumption experience.

How to use solar panels correctly?

The solar panels can be used in series or parallel, and are installed in the direct, unobstructed position of the sun and fixed with brackets. The installation direction is slightly inclined, and the inclination angle is determined according to the geographical location. The front of the solar panel is facing the sun, and the installation angle (referring to the angle between the front of the solar panel and the ground) is consistent with the local latitude. If conditions permit, the inclination of solar panels can be adjusted accordingly to seasonal changes. One of the advantages of using solar panels is that the battery is constantly floating, which can advantageously suppress the degree of polarization, thereby greatly extending the service life of the battery. This effect is in the relationship of 1+1>2.

In general

Outdoor power supplies generally have built-in high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries with long cycle life, lightweight and easy portability, and their overall performance is more stable and reliable. Electricity requirements for outdoor work.

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