What Size of Solar Generators Should I Buy?
Solar generators of different sizes are available. For outdoor adventure to choose the right size of generator could be tricky. You must purchase a generator to meet your electricity needs during outdoor travel. Here are some suggestions for choosing a solar-powered portable generator for your outdoor adventure.
power box
1. Your power supply requirements
The primary consideration in selecting a solar generator is the demand for electricity. You should calculate the amount of electricity needed for the appliances you intend to use during your outdoor trip. For example, the rated power of your smartphone charger is 20-60 watts; LED at 3-20 watts; the portable fridge is at about 60-90 watts; the laptop is about 60-80 watts; the portable electronic fan is about 20-60 watt. As long as it is a portable device, the wattage consumption is not too high because the device itself is small enough. With the battery pack with ac outlet, your experience of your camping is much better. You'll have to add the wattage of all the appliances and equipment you'll be using on your outdoor adventure. This will let you know the most suitable size for your portable solar generator. But one important thing you need to keep in mind is that solar generators for outdoor trips shouldn't be too big, and it's not practical to carry around three or four panels on a camping trip. So just consider buying a solar generator with no more than two solar panels.
2. The Size You Need
The size of the battery will determine the duration of the backup power supply at night. A larger battery capacity will provide you with power for longer periods. Considering the purchase of at least 200wh battery, because the power box can provide you with enough standby power, let you spend a good night. Around 100wh small battery is only applicable to lighting or smartphones such as the minimum equipment. If you want to charge a little more, you can buy 320wh medium sized batteries. This will save you a lot instead of buying an oversized battery, and this one won't use its full capacity.
battery pack with ac outlet
3. Other Features
When buying a solar generator another important consideration is the available functions. Consider buying a solar generator with a USB socket to charge smartphones and other mobile devices. You should also consider the generator with intelligence display screen. This will give you an idea of the power input, load, and available battery power. Overall, we recommend PPS240 as your portable power for your adventure. It has only 2.7 kg, a book size. With 240Wh, 200W rated power, and the Lithium iron phosphate keeps your safety. Solar power supported, and it also have USB QC and PD in/output.
Portable solar generators are a good investment because you can get clean electricity at night. You can also recharge smartphone, laptop computer watching movies, reading a book with the lights on. You can also use an electric stove to make a quick meal. In addition, you can keep fish, meat, and other perishables fresh by keeping them in a mini-fridge.