Power Station For Camping
A power station is a portable generator that can charge small devices or power large ones. A small portable power station, such as the PPS320, that you take with you to a festival to charge your smartphone and connect speakers for 3 days. During a camping vacation, you can use these relatively small portable solar panels to charge electronic devices.
A larger powerstation is better suited for charging your devices on longer camping trips, such as powering a camping fridge for a weekend. Power stations always have multiple connections, including USB, 12 volt,s and AC (one outlet). Connect them to a portable solar panel to generate your own power on outdoor trips. Power stations are also handy for plugging in power tools in the shed or garden where you often do DIY.
Some portable solar panels can be connected directly to your smartphone or mobile power source, for example, via an inverter and USB cable. You can find them, for example, on portable power stations (portable generators). With portable solar power, you can be completely self-sufficient when traveling outdoors. Solar energy is also environmentally friendly, choose larger panels for faster charging.