For every unit we sell, we plant a tree in Africa for the customer!

Tree By Tree

Together with Tree Nation, we plant a tree in Africa for the customer with every purchase. They are planting trees in the world, improving the ecological environment and providing many jobs for many  people.

Our story
Our mission

Our Story

It all started with the simple idea that a portable power station could spread eco-friendly awareness and make an impact. Today, our product serve as a reminder to use solar energy as a  power source.


What Company’s Doing?

The Power of Sun

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is green and low-carbon energy, which is of great significance for improving the energy structure, protecting the global environment.

 Everything Grows By The Sun

Solar energy can be directly  developed and utilized, it is easy to collection and does not need to be mined and transported. 

Clean Energy

Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy sources ever found and the development. Solar energy is the largest source of energy that can be exploited in the world today.

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