Buyers in Ukraine:

We have special channels for fast transshipment to Ukraine, please contact us! 



1. Version

    Please note the version you are buying before you buy. Both PPS240 and PPS320 have a 220V AC EU outlet, however, please note that the PPS700 only has a 110V AC US outlet. If you want to use PPS700 in Europe you'd better buy a voltage converter. 



2. How to buy?

    Click the product name in the table below and you can directly buy. Please note PPS320 only can be shipped to Poland now.

    On December 20, PPS320 can be shipped to Ukraine. 


Product  Version Delivery Time Can ship to Ukraine?
PPS240 220V EU Outlets 15-20 working days Yes. Can ship to Ukraine NOW.
PPS320 220V EU Outlets

15-20 working days to Ukraine.

2-8 working days to Poland Now.

Yes. Can ship to Ukraine, Poland NOW.

PPS320 110V US Outlets 15-20 working days

Yes. Can ship to Ukraine NOW.

* ps: 110V AC ports cannot be used in Europe unless a voltage converter is used. 

P500 (not Energizer) 220V US Outlets 15-20 working days

Yes. Can ship to Ukraine NOW. The P500 can now be ordered until Jan 12.

PWS110 15-20 working days Yes. Can ship to Ukraine NOW.



3. When and how to ship to Ukriane?

    - PPS240 is avaliable NOW. 

    - PPS320 is stocked in the warehouse, available to ship NOW. Estimated 2-8 working days ship to Poland.

    - PPS700 stock in the warehouse, available to ship NOW



4. How to ship to Ukriane?

    Ship from China to Ukraine. 15-20 working days

    ( PPS320 ship to Poland. 2-9 working days)

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