What to Do if Mini Generator Cannot Turn on


The Portable generator is also known as the "mini generator". Because of its small size and convenient portability, it is loved by the majority of users. However, the mini generator also has disadvantages, if the battery is placed for a long time, it can not open the machine. If the mini generator fails to turn on, I believe some users have experienced this. What if the mini generator fails to turn on? The following article is a detailed introduction to the reasons for the failure of the mini generator and the solutions for reference.

There are many reasons why the mini generator can't turn on. The most common is that the battery is running low. Of course, it can also be caused by hardware damage, but this is unlikely. We can make a simple judgment according to the phenomenon of mini electric generator and find out the problem, so as to solve the problem of the failure of mini generator.


When you find that your mini generator PPS320 cannot be turned on, it is likely that the power is insufficient. Please charge it immediately. Depending on the device's capabilities, you can charge with AC/DC adapters, PD100W, and solar DC charging. If you find yourself unable to power your device using your home AC/DC adapter, don't worry, it doesn't mean your device is permanently broken, and you don't have to become a hardcore Technician. Let's analyze the causes of this problem.


A big possibility of this happening is that batteries are left empty for too long. The long-term use of lithium-ion battery capacity changes are mainly reflected in two points: one is the reduction of battery capacity, mainly caused by self-discharge; Second, the increase of irreversible capacity mainly depends on the irreversible consumption reaction between the chemical systems inside the battery. Self-discharge is inevitable in all lithium-ion batteries. Capacity loss caused by self-discharge can be divided into reversible and irreversible: reversible refers to the capacity that can be recovered during the charging of lithium-ion batteries, while irreversible loss refers to the capacity that cannot be recovered. It is imperative for battery manufacturers and battery users to reduce the loss of battery capacity after long-term storage.

Therefore, when using AC/DC adapter to charge, due to the shortcomings of the inverter, resulting in the use of inverter outlet function, the battery is unable to be awakened, so we return the PD Type-C port for DC charging, DC electricity will directly into the battery, so as to wake up the battery. To Avoid this situation happens again, we highly recommend you charge to 30% at least before you left it for a long-term. Hopefully it is work for you, and do not forget to follow us.