What Can You Use A Portable Solar Power System For
The sales and manufacturing of solar system have growing and goes sharp, but still, there are a lot of application usage for solar systems. If the solar power is enough, it also can be your off-grid solar inverter. In this article, you may learn more about what a solar system can be used for.
1. Powering Your Fridge
A lot of people who are confused how much power does a fridge cost. However, the power of the household refrigerator is between 90 watts and 120 watts, but fridges are not always running. Since the power consumption is generally about 1000 Wh of electricity per day, and the consumption is depend on how frequently you open it. By our first Energizer solar power system PPS320 can also power up home use or car fridge. For only 9 lbs wight, it is small size, but power a big power. Visit our store for more information.
2. Powering Play Station 5 w/ Monitor
This is addressed to all hard core gamer. Especially those who live in countries where load shedding often begins. Imagine if you are in the scene in GTA, then suddenly your screen turns dark out and blink, yep, it is the power outages. Energizer solar backup battery system is capable of powering your Play Station 5 and your Television for that matter! The power consumption of the device is about 200 watt of electricity, whereas television costs about 75 watt. So the total is about 275 watt. By Energizer PPS320 solar system, 320 watt hour capacity allows you to power it for at least one hour as an emergency battery back up. If you are consider a larger version of solar system Emergency Solar Power System , like Energizer 2000 watt generator, you can try PPS2000 family use solar system. With 2150 watt hour capacity, it allows you to operate about 7.5 hours. If you connect with solar panel, it can power for more. Yes. Energizer solar system allows charge and discharge simultaneously. If you just want to watch TV, you can watch up to 28 hours.
3. Portable Drill
Power tools use a lot of power because they need to rotate quickly and vigorously. In fact, most common masonry RIGS have about 500 to 800 watts of power, with some peaking at more than 1,000 watts. Even though their power needs are so high, you can still use solar generators to power these tools. Still, it's unlikely you'll use a solar generator to power this tool, but if you do, it's still cool to know you can. If need in a portable work shop, you need a large generator to perform this task. Energizer PPS2000 can keep up to 3.5 hours for operating.
4. Electric Blanket
Ready for the winter? What if there is powerless the air conditioner cause of power outage, you might think about purchasing a solar system with heating system. But the electric heater consume a lot of power, and it cannot hold for a whole night. That is why we recommend single size of electric blanket, it will keep you warm in only 60 watt, even you have only 320 watt hour capacity of solar system, you can still make it through the night.
In the end, please remind that there are many more appliances you can use, but our goal is to keep home use short and sweet!