How to maintain portable outlet power supply with a sudden drop in temperature?
As a new type of energy storage power product with the highest degree of heat, the portable outlet power supply is widely used in many fields of electricity because of its multiple advantages such as high power, large capacity, easy portability, rich output interface, high safety attributes, and environmental protection. The application of outdoor power supply is getting closer to life and being needed, how can we better apply it? Especially not long ago by the strong cold air, many places in the country around the National Day holiday have ushered in the first snowfall since the beginning of winter in 2022. Weather plummeting, more or less will cause some damage to the battery, therefore, the maintenance of outdoor power supply becomes particularly important, the following we will take AC power bank PPS2000 as an example, and we will introduce how to maintain the outdoor power supply in different situations, and we should pay attention to what places?
AC power bank
As the quiet generator for camping, Energizer PPS2000 portable power station from a low-temperature environment change to go to a high-temperature environment, or use in a low-temperature environment, portable outlet power supply may be left on the PCB board with a certain temperature of dew, and in the outdoors, the phenomenon of dew is more serious, it may lead to short-circuit phenomenon, so be sure to pay attention to the temperature change.
Lightning weather, portable outdoor power as a body of energy, although not the same as cell phones and other devices because of the signal causes lightning strikes, but still may occur dangerous. In times of thunder, you can use it inside the house, but try not to take the outdoor mobile power in the open field and high terrain to walk around in case of danger.
portable outlet power supply
Energizer outdoor power supply's LiFePO4 battery itself has high performance and can be used in an environment of -4-104℉, which can easily cope with various harsh outdoor working environments. If it is lower than -4℉, try to avoid using it outdoors in cold or low temperature, because the low temperature will make the power supply battery work unstable and under discharge. However, if the temperature is higher than 104℉, the high temperature will shorten the life of electronic equipment and damage the battery while accelerating the aging of the outdoor power supply housing. The LiFePO4 has more service life than NCM (Lithium-ion) battery. And most of LiFePO4 battery need to operate in environments above 0°C otherwise it will affect the battery efficiency and charging cycle.